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Well here we are in the pre-apocalyptic America were ciaos is becoming part of a over strategy to keep the HOUSE DIVIDED (its working)……Rule of order has become in reality disorder …….Really now isn’t this General Sheridan’s SCORCHED  EARTH POLICY re-invented…….Modern day political hacks would call it the Clower-Previn, Strategy……either way its burn down the forest & while you’re putting out the fire they ( the government or ?) steal your wealth & rape all the women……..Really now, why do we put up with this BS……It would seem history is just a colossal waste of time…..We apparently don’t listen much less learn…..


Why do we put up with the race baiters & haters like Sharpton, Jackson, and Holder & oh yes the Immaculate Faggot in the Oval Office( it’s also a BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS)………Is it just the fear of confrontation ? Are you afraid to speak out & stand up for what you believe? Think about it…..Don’t take too long though…. Or maybe  you think this, in your face type of confrontation is correct….If that’s the case then you think this, Zimmerman-Martin Fiasco is about truth ,justice & the American Way….And at that point I can only deduce you either on drugs or a behavior modified idiot……


We put up with this minutia of psycho-babble because it’s become part of our culture……Its taught in our schools & we hear it as propaganda pieces 24/7 from Government Media…..We have a Potty  -Trained culture who no longer have the ability to think for themselves….Crap, thinking for yourself will land you on the Governments Enemy’s list…..The manipulated pathetic morons of the minefield wait with baited breath for the blasphemous sanctimonious & disingenuous bastions of BS to tell them what to do & when to do it……

There is one more thing to consider in all of this garbage….Those of us who are CHRISTIAN we’re taught to turn the other cheek & that the meek shall inherit the earth ….I’m sorry that doesn’t cut it in today’s world….. Well I ask you, take a look at the Jews who we’re led to slaughter like little lambs in WWII…..And meanwhile back at the ranch all you can hear is the deafening SILENCE OF THE SHEEP…..Silence emboldens, we once had freedoms & one by one they we’re striped to the core because we said nothing & did nothing…..But that’s my opinion…..


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