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Lets take a look at the term & definition fist & foremost ; being or acting in accordance with the principles of government analyzed in Machiavelli’s The Prince, in which political expediency is placed above morality and the use of craft and deceit to maintain the authority and carry out the policies of a ruler is described. OR; characterized by subtle or unscrupulous cunning, deception, expediency, or dishonesty: What does that mean or say to you or me for that matter?


This tells me & describes to me in a forbearing way a dire, desperate, paranoid government that has no respect, reverence or for that matter love for anyone but themselves….And while I hate to be a prognosticator of events either taking shape… the now and later…..But I’d be derelict if I didn’t state my fears…..And my hopes well that’s for another day….


This inept traitorous demonic ORWELLIAN government hits a new plateau (or low as the case may be) everyday & every night…. I mean let’s get real… the MSM worships this Narcissistic Socialistic Muslim POTUS like he’s the Messiah…….And the brainwashed brain-dead general public, not only see this the same way they simply don’t or won’t see/say a thing……One would think their intuitive survival instincts would kick in at some level but alas I must remind myself SLAVERY & CLASS WARFAIR 101, is nurtured, fostered & taught by our schools not SURVIVING COMMUNISM 101……


Seriously this government lacks morals, direction, reason ( other than stealing),reverence ,relevance or character…..These deviate parasites sodomize the American public every night & day….And if you think you’re not a prisoner in your on land, you best look again, because every time you look away the prison yard gets smaller & smaller…..
It would also seem to me that any attempt to reform, scale back this sick corrupt evil government is as they say; an exercise in futility…..So I might ask where is the reset button, a do over….. This in its present state this isn’t working…. Unless of course your part of the ruling class, the elites, the users or the losers that apparently keep this MACHIAVELLIAN GOVERNMENT…….in power…..
It didn’t have to be this way….What you allow will become reality…..

“He who neglects what is done for what ought to be done, sooner effects his ruin than his preservation”



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