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Well here we are once again in the mythical land of what used to be AMERICA…..I guess all the sun worshipers are still following their False Prophet Marxist, Muslim, bisexual POTUS….And will he lead them like lemmings (running over a cliff) into a false war for false reasons…..Or will this be the prelude to WWIII with Iran…..Or is this just his magnificent narcissism running again like diarrhea of the brain…. That is supposing this rotten bastard has a brain…..shit is there a proctologist in the White House or has it become the OUT HOUSE????? You tell me…..I digress….


Here is the premise, to cross the line or not cross the line….or was there ever a line or better yet maybe it’s just a line of Washington Bullshit…..Just what is it about this dumber than shit narcissistic Muslim loving COMMUNIST, that people (those without lobotomies) don’t get…..He, she or it is a weak pussy, a joke (but it ain’t funny) and we (as a country) elected this bastard twice…..WTF…..

But let’s go ahead and look at Syria……isn’t this too little too late…..isn’t this actually about ego not leadership…..isn’t this really about FAILURE of this POTUS and his utopian vision of the world ??? Seriously, do you buy what these liars are selling?! And Humanitarian, that’s bullshit & after 100,000 are already dead…..Really now if you are the world’s largest super power you would have taken action years ago….not now…..there are no winners here only losers…..Leading from behind my ass…..Why do you think the Brits bailed??? And the Israelis are left holding on to nothing….And I might add he went to congress to cover his own ass……He needs a fall guy….someone to blame….And the media still covers for his ass…..


And then let’s look at the WWIII scenario…..War with Iran…..does anyone in their right mind want this POS as POTUS if there is a real war? Come on now…..That IMO is suicide…… but then again somebody voted for this inept partisan Muslim Marxist Bastard…..And does anyone (with a brain) really think he will stand up to Putin & Russia…..I sure as hell don’t….

This Bastard is nothing but a Third World Dictator & he’s made this country (along with all the other liberal brain dead idiots) into a Third World Country (and a shithole)….We used to be respected, now we’re laughed at….. We used to have leaders; now we have only cowards … we used to be smart now we’re just fools….this used to be a country now I don’t know what the hell this is…..And whatever this is or has become, it isn’t for the better…. IT SMELLS TO HIGH HEAVEN & IF IT STINKS DON’T STIR IT……And that is precisely what this dictatorship is doing….. But that’s my opinion…..


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