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Well here we are one week later in the mythical land called AMERICA…..We haven’t bombed ,sent any Tomahawk missiles, droned or punished Syria in any way shape or form for the alleged Gassing of its own people……But the line that was, that isn’t, that sort of  is again or maybe it isn’t or hell maybe it is……has been fumbled or bumbled over To Vladimir Putin & Russia…….But lets us state the words , stern words , powerful words  or impassioned words ( or lies as the case may be) are still raining down on Assad’s parade and Syria……Really now what a strange bunch of bedfellows……Two guys that hate each other and for good reason…..


The POTUS sees himself/herself (or whatever it is) as the savior to all mankind…. Also as Barry the giant killer, righting injustice for all….. For that there are two separate points….. The giant that the POS POTUS is killing is America & the only justice that’s being achieved here is for all the Radical Muslims…..Everyone else is just a pawn in the game…. Welcome to servitude, slavery or whatever this has become….But Barry the inept, partisan lying bastard is a nothing but a weak pussy ,Third World Dictator seeking  to admonish another Third World Dictator…..Hell, it takes one to know one…..That is also why he hates Putin…..Putin sees through the whiney little asshole!


The other player here is Putin who as an ex-KGB agent, a tyrant & an asshole…… He understands one thing & one thing only Power……He sees the POTUS as the weakest leader ( as I cringe) this country has ever known…..He’s 100% correct……


Here’s the real deal …The POTUS punted when he sent this Foreign Policy joke to congress…..he was simply looking for cover…..someone else to blame……So now what was the most narcissistic man in the world going to do when this was going to be voted down…..could his ego deal with it, oh woe is me, poor pathetic Barry…..I mean all his Muslim faggot buddies at MSNBC had turned on him over this…..The man with no balls had nowhere to go but to bomb away to salvage his/her ego…..And then Putin comes in and apparently saves his ass…..


So here we are the once great nation, now crippled by liberals and a Faggot Muslim Marxist POTUS… we are in effect a joke & without leadership we are doomed! …..Perhaps finished!…..this shithole in no way resembles the country I grew up in…..I don’t know what the hell this place is but AMERICA…..well it ain’t no more! And as for me anyone who believes this POS bastard is showing the world what a real world leader is a damn fool & surly must still believe in the TOOTH FAIRY….well a FAIRY he certainly is as well as being a Muslim loving Marxist …. But once again that’s my opinion & I’m sticking with it


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