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Well here we are again five years into the imperial presidency (dictatorship) in the land that one was America……Is it just me or do others really get just how far we have fallen…..Is this becoming the Ballad Of The Fallen Eagle? Or have we actually become, The Mouse That Roared….IMO the latter seem the most applicable…..This so-called social experiment has gone awry…..What delusional fools the mass of sheep have become…… the inept are running the show and the insipidly stupid are following blindly….Hell wasn’t this already covered in Milton’s, Paradise Lost or the Rise & Fall Of The Roman Empire…..Apparently we don’t learn or listen …… What ever happened to the old saying or parable, God helps those who helps themselves????? Now that doesn’t give you or the damn government the right to help yourself to all of my shit…..Oh WTF in today’s world my shit is your shit…..And therefore your shit is my shit, but not if you’re the government…..everything is their shit, to wit I say BS……Whatever!!!!!


So here we have our staged moment, SHOWDOWN IN SYRIA, with Putin playing the hired gun from the Evil East (in the right corner) & the Gay Blade from 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. (the POTUS) in the left corner…Putin dressed in black with his machismo image & threating menacing words & Odumbell the fairy princess dress in pink giving his typical campaign speech….. And if you believe the perpetual liars of the media…..The POTUS averted WWIII without firing a shot…..Oh my, oh my, what a guy/girl/ it or POS!


According to the left and The Media (propaganda machine) we apparently have our modern day MOSES ….He is leading this morally & physically bankrupt country from out of the ashes to the promised land …..The rise & fall, only to rise again ….alas the PHOENIX…….My goodness according to MSNBC we should Love & Worship  the sorry assed bastard form HELL……. Well they can kiss my ass…..

Wasn’t it FDR that said walk softly & carry a big stick……And what do we have?????? A communist faggot Muslim who gives speeches…..Doesn’t this give you pause…..Really now is this what we really need at this point in time?  You can sleep well at night knowing this bastard is doing everything he can (to destroy us)….Our modern day pathetic messiah couldn’t hemorrhage the truth much less courage on his deathbed……

So let’s get a handle on the basics; the most transparent administration ever isn’t, kids graduating from college can’t get quality jobs, our unemployment only looks good on paper because millions upon millions have left the workforce, Obamacare has killed the 40 hour work week, if you a Christian Conservative you’re a target of the NSA, IRS & Homeland Security, you can make more money on food stamps than at a real job, if you’re a Third World Country & Dictatorship you no longer fear America or its leaders & if you a hard working American who paid & earned every damn thing you have , you’re paying for the most derelict corrupt government in history…..And to make matters worse they will eventually come after everything you have, are & will ever  be……

So this is the Machiavellian Dictator that’s going to turn water to wine (actually whine) & feed the multitudes of ignorant brainwashed sheep & lead us to our Nirvana via his divine prophetic horseshit….SO THIS IS UTOPIA????? You can keep it!


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  1. sandra bailey ⋅

    This is is awesome! Really enjoyed it!

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