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THE SKY IS FALLING (more government BS)



So here we are threatened with another government shutdown, really now isn’t this just déjà vu all over again or what…..When are people going to wake up to the reality this is staged dramatics by the thieves in charge….Come on now don’t you really think this this is their way of looking important ? I do! Other than a few checks or whatever nothing would change…..same old shit or snafu????? Yea buddy! In fact, I think most would find we can get along just fine without their sorry asses spending like a drunken sailors whore on a Saturday night……But then again the ruling ELITE can’t allow us to ever find out this is a con game……And that’s just exactly what this is……Staged for effect……


Is it so hard to consider that the thieves are the ones running the country (for the most part) and all that we see is a Hollyweird Script playing out daily with  the only real intent being to Fleece you out of everything you own and what’s left of your (so called) power! And the sheep & sheepdogs lap it up like a disk of milk……In reality it’s all propaganda, hogwash, bullshit & staged…..


Let’s look at the reality of what it is that’s been happening here & few really realize…..Who caused the current economic disaster? ANSWER: The Banks & our Government…..Who’s paying for it? ANSWER: Those who still have jobs ……And who is it that doesn’t give a damn? Answer: all the parasites, freeloaders & enablers on the government rolls…..

Then there is the next question who are the beneficiaries of all this orchestrated chaos……ANSWER: those in power, those who rule or those you think you vote for…….This is in my opinion all about CONTROL……. Nothing else matters…..And to use an old Bob Dylan line we’re all pawns in the game…The reality is we are all expendable & these glorified Pieces Of Horse Shit don’t give a shit about us & never have…..And yes I realize there are maybe 10 out of the 537 who are doing their damn best for us, the rest are IMO liars & thieves…..


Let get one thing straight, power does corrupt! So here’s the question: have we fallen so far (via brainwashing & propaganda) that we don’t even see our own lives, loves, wants, desires & Faith in God, much less humanity being destroyed right in front of our eyes????? And sadly, often we say little or nothing….. Hell, some are manipulated into not only agreeing to the scam but being part the conspiracy & cover-up!!!!! Where do we turn, who do we turn to….Is this fight all in vain? Truth these days is hard to come by & seldom spoken and until then we will hear, The Sky Is Falling scenario over & over again ! It’s in effect on a loop replay ushering all the stupid to come worship at the Alter of our New found God, GOVERNMENT! Be sure to come dumb & come all, along with all your pride, your possessions and all your hopes & dreams, for you are now part of the machine…..Or be ready for one hell of a fight…..Comply or die! Or that’s the way I see it……


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