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Once upon a time there was this country where we were free to roam, free to be whatever we wanted to be & do fairly much within limits whatever we wanted…..Oh but that was yesterday, yesteryear or days gone by…….Ah, call it what you like but its history, its over its flat out gone…… It’s now nothing more than a myth (at best) or a mirage, an illusion or just a dream…… And most people don’t even know we fought a war & we were defeated (mightily I might add)…. Without the proverbial shot being fired…..And if I may use the old term, the enemy was within (the whole time)……and I might also suggest one should look in the mirror for we all share some blame in this….. However I find little comfort in that thought…..


A very dear friend of mine in a post or a conversation said this just yesterday……I am sick of all this fighting & the attacks from the liberals……….WHY CAN’T WE JUST GET ALONG ????????? Now that’s a fair question but there is really one answer; it’s by design that we disagree……..Why would that be? Look no farther than to see who really, really gain by the designed chaos or anarchy …..Who prey tell could that be????

1466312_638876342822836_402961845_n Come on now do I have to make this a multiple choice answer????  A: the government, B: the banks, C: large corporations & special interest groups or D: ALL OF THE ABOVE………Any hints there? I know I’m preaching to the choir…. So be it! And who loses?  Answer: anyone with a brain!


While I’m no chess player I do believe an old war strategy used by every general and king to Alexander The Great & Napoléon is the old, Divide and Conquer move……You know it works….. The liberals have adopted a newer more updated version called , Clower Previn stratrgy……And you can hear the mantra everyday……..The simple truth is this government wants us to fight…. They need us to fight…. This is the mechanism by which they have learned to use to control our asses…..And hook, line & sinker we take the hook every time…..And worse, most of us say nothing, if anything at all about it…


Robert Heinlein’s book, CATCH 22, comes into play here…..Catch 22 meant……damned if you do & damned if you don’t……So here we are, if we say nothing , the silence becomes consent & if we take a stand we become racist …. That the quandary we’re faced with everyday…..We have, The Ministry of Propaganda spouting, preaching, teaching & regurgitating the liberal talking points 24/7, we have the schools serving as nothing more than behavior modification specialists…… The truth shall set you free…..BS….Who the hell knows what truth is anymore?…… But I damn sure know what its not.

Fact, government at last glance is not & will not ever become GOD! The Faggot Muslim Marxist living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is not the Messiah…..Government has no solutions to the very problems the INTENTIONALLY CREATED ……Why should they? That’s what they do …While we have been in this STAGED combat with the left…..They ,( the government) have taken nearly all that was left of our freedoms ….they are in the process of taking all the individual wealth away as we speak….. We have become slaves to debt, we are all quickly becoming wards of the government & because they spend money like a drunken sailor’s whore….they will take control of all assets (land or housing) with the end result Nationalizing Industry…….

1393445_637975816246222_907379166_nIMO if you want to take a peek at our future look at Chavez’s Colombia…..Promising? I don’t think so! SCREW THEM ALL!


Here is the deal (in the future)… won’t be carried in the womb by a mother, you will be picked from a gene pool (Hitler’s dream) …born in a government hospital by a government doctor attending…..Raised as apparently both genders (male & female)in government approved parents ( that’s a joke) …. Raised & programed (behavior modification) in government run schools……work or freeload off the government for a living…..Live in government housing & last and not least die when your expiration is up ( death panels)…………


So when someone asks you, Why Can’t We Just Get Along????? It’s because THOSE WHO CONTROL US wouldn’t have it any other way…….Its intentional & it serves them well…. How easy it is to control a society that is fractured, broken & divided…..So go on & say nothing & become part of the problem or fight because your life & your children’s life depend on it….. But that how I see it….I’d rather be dead than comply with these bastards….






2 responses to “THOSE WHO CONTROL US!!!!

  1. Robert1 ⋅

    Excellent! But maybe we need to have this monstrosity for people to wake up!!!

  2. This whole take on the Government would be more believable if all the facts were correct and we had an author. Hugo Chavez was the president of the Socialist country of Venezuala, not Columbia. Makes me wonder what other “facts” are incorrect that I didn’t pick up on……..

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