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So here we are in the third day of the imaginary Government Shutdown……So tell me, if you will how has this impacted your life?  Did the world end, did we fall off into the deep abyss, did we still wake up trillions of dollars in debt, are we still a intentionally divided country & dammit is the MUSLIM PIG , FAGGOT & MARXIST POS still POTUS…….Change you can disbelieve in, is work in progress, is it not….It’s a SNAFU……Same old wine (whine) in a brand new bottle…..Or perhaps it’s the preverbal, putting lipstick on a pig…..I know I shouldn’t show my obvious distain for the transgender partner of the POTUS…..So what changed? The answer is nothing…….. This is a joke and we’re paying for it….  


So what if I told you that those who control us are laughing their asses off at our stupidity (present company & a few others excluded)!!… And so is the rest of the world for that matter ….Really now just how insipidly stupid have we become…..Isn’t this kind of like a relationship of infidelity where you’re the last one to know (assuming only one was a cheater)???? Crap I’m beginning to think we’re not even that smart……we have become the Fool’s, Fool IMO……


We have a liberal (DEMOCRATIC) controlled government, that hasn’t passed a budget in YEARS; we give money, arms & airplanes away to every Third World Country (especially Muslim), we don’t enforce our National borders or our voting laws…. We therefore have & continue to support those who either have no skin in the game or wish us harm……Really now, does any of this crap (BS) make any sense? It doesn’t to me…..We have become a morally & physically bankrupt country……

We have the weakest leadership in this country’s history & that includes the Gay Blade from 1600 Pennsylvania & 98% of the rest of our corrupt (bought & paid for) government…..Do you really think that Putin (Russia), the Chinese or for that matter most of the so called free word RESPECT or FEAR us any longer???? I don’t!!!! The only thing these people respect is strength…..And where is it????? Leading from behind…. What a guy/girl or? the ball less bastard is…….Doesn’t it make you feel proud…..I feel ashamed myself…..


We elected an incompetent, inept, partisan, disingenuous,, racist, not ready for primetime POS for all the wrong reasons….not only once, but hell twice… PARDONEZ MOI, just how stupid have we become? Don’t bother answering….The only time this government does anything, it’s by pure chance, its despite their intent…..For their intent is to rule & control….nothing else matters…..And the POTUS….the smartest POS in the world, the messiah and a fraud, He couldn’t hemorrhage and competence if he had too…..

The liars in the media cover for his ass at every turn…… This whole Passionless Play, we call government is scripted down to almost the word and/or nuance & the sheep, the stupid, those who in effect have had government lobotomies buy it without question or prejudice……And sadly most of the rest of us say nothing, say little & do less…..and seemingly accept the status quo…..


So if this New World Order, Dictatorship & emerging Police State is so wonderful (according to the liberal left ) why am I not basking in omnipresent wonder of it all…… Should I not be overjoyed rather than dumfounded? Where’s the euphoria? 

So if they’re laughing (at us) in London, Hamburg, Moscow and Peking……why aren’t we laughing here? Why is this so hard to understand? Why is the truth hidden from us? Why does this government & media hide everything & lie about everything?   And if it’s so damn funny (you laughing bastards) , what was the joke? Or was that THE JOKE HEARD AROUND THE WORLD; called our stupidly for allowing this vermin POS to run this country…… Well that seems to be the case, but that’s just my opinion!…..



  1. Gale Ross ⋅

    Excellent and thought provoking. Your insight and the questions you force us to ask ourselves is appreciated. Sharing to several Conservative sites. Thanks.

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