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What if we had a government shutdown & it had no effect???….. What if all the freedoms we thought we had were all an illusion?…. What if all this trust in our government & our leaders was based on our past & not our present???…..What if all our fears were being manipulated to control & enslave us????…What If nearly all that we know was a lie????……And What If all this were true???? What If????


Let’s ponder this for a moment…..The government shutdown (now in its second day) has little to do about the issues & the talking points (via spin & propaganda)…….But it has everything to do about SCRIPTED DRAMA…..It’s the Movie of the week, it’s the scandal de jour or the power play of the week….it’s a pay-per-view event…..And let me tell you unless your one of the millions of parasites living off of this government, you paying through the ass for it…..And here I am with my infinite sarcasm waiting for the CHURCH ORGAN to start playing & the ushers walking down the aisle with the COLLECTION PLATES……Actually that’s what Taxes are!…..   


And Freedoms!!!!! What freedoms???? They left us when the last Cowboy & Indian roamed the open skies….It’s been downhill ever since……Regulation after regulation has been enacted but for one effect & one effect only…… It’s all about Control, Power & Money……And let me tell you this is not the preverbal, Three Musketeers, All For One and One For All…….It’s about building the imperfect beast, Frankenstein ( BIG BADDASS GOVERNMENT)

Is it just me but why doesn’t anyone ask the question; why does our government run like a really bad scripted television series……Crap it’s the same BS day in and day out…’s what the military call a SNAFU….And for what purpose or end and who is it that gains???…..ANSWER; our government, our leaders & the people who control them…..And yes, they do exist…..


 If you are one of the unfortunate brainwashed, delusional, pathetic, mutated Zombies that pass themselves off as humankind (excrement IMO)and turned on anyone of the Alphabet Channels (ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN) also better known as government subsidized PROPAGANDA STATIONS…all you heard was doom & gloom…..And yes I know I’m an old fart but this is either one of two things; 1 a kiddie TV show called ,ROMPER ROOM or reruns of the, PERILS OF PAULINE (a serial) ……This is a joke ……why can’t people see through the minutia of BS??.. Have we fallen that far?..How do the stupid survive?


In my opinion the illusion is everything because with it you get a perception of reality…. And whether it’s true (REAL) or not has no relevance…..The game being played is the oldest con in the world…..The objective is to sell you something (big government) at a price you can’t afford …..But the Silver tongued devils will make you beg for this worthless crap & you’ll kiss their ass and thank them for the opportunity of a lifetime (yea theirs)…… But dammit WHAT IF we were smart enough to tell them to go to hell? OR WHAT IF we realized they really weren’t important at all? WHAT IF?


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