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AMERICA’S SWADDLING BABY BASTARD (Throws a temper tantrum)


(Throws a Temper Tantrum)  


Just what is it about the Narcissistic Sociopath Dictator (The POTUS) that makes him act like a spoiled brat baby & get by with it time after time after time…..Give me a break, the friggin media sucks it up like the Communist lap dogs they are and the sheep well they are so mesmerized by the mere presence of the Omnipresent Master all they can do is swoon & feel the preverbal tingle down their leg…. Hell they’re so stupid, brainwashed & high from the Greatest Orator this world has ever seen…..Crap they don’t even realize the bumbling bastard from KENYA is pissing on their leg ……You know I was raised on a farm & I’ll swear there are barnyard animals smarter thin this generation of idiots….It’s unbelievable just how deaf, dumb & blind we have become a culture….  

Let’s take a look at the helplessly stupid for just a moment…..    One of the first things that come to my mind is the BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION & the PROPAGANDA we have to endure 24/7 …..It’s relentless, is it the gift that keeps on giving or a Nightmare From Hell (not the movie)….We now have a drug oriented society & I’m not talking about a little weed or cocaine either ….. Example; under the auspices of helping kids with Attention Deficit Syndrome, the youth are being drugged from an early age…..How better to capture the mind of a child than to drug & control them….Then we have the schools who have in many cases become surrogate parents…And they effect the government mandated curriculum on these poor kids from the age of what THREE to MID-TWENTYS if the go to college…..And then there is the Government Controlled Media….LIES, LIES & MORE LIES 24/7…….So what we have here is Government Control over all our youth almost 24/7 for the first 25 years of their lives….. Do you see a trend developing here? …. I do!….It’s right in front of our eyes for those who either who can still see or wish to see ……And I don’t mean to just be picking on  the youth here either…..The adults have their issues too….The older you get the more pills to take….One in the morning to get you going , one later to level you out & then one to go to sleep on…..All the while you’re working your ass off to pay bills & TAXES…..Again I say TAXES…..


Now let’s get back to the resident man/child (or whatever it is) at the WH…..This prissy QUEEN throws a fit every time an ill wind blows (out of his asshole) …..This demonic derelict mutant ass-wipe was IMO born to destroy this country….The son/daughter/or? of a white trash whore, her parents 100% bonafide COMMUNISTS……and his father a Muslim Communist POS too…. And adding to this, the bastard was mentored by a COMMUNIST (DAVIS) on the FBI watch list…….Goes to school as a foreigner pays none of his own tuition & has never worked a day in his life……Unless of course you count the days he spent as a community organizer…..And to-wit he still hasn’t worked a day in his miserable life…..I’m sorry I can’t make myself IT’S days as a politician (speeches & lies) as work…….I don’t really need to go into his friendships with the likes of Pivin, Ayers or the not-so Reverend Wright….those speak for themselves….The apple didn’t fall far from the tree…


So this is the way I see it….We have a not-ready-for-prime-time, unqualified Marxist Faggot Bastard Fraud as POTUS…..the media cover for him because he is one of them (Communist) & the sheep say nothing (except what they are told to) because they are too damn dumb to think for themselves….And for those of us that get-it, if we utter, mutter or say a word about the Fairy Queen we are racist bastards…..And because some of us, including maybe ten politicians resist & question ……   AMERICA’S SWADDLING BABY BASTARD throws a temper tantrum & threatens Armageddon & the Holocaust all over again……Well he can shove it up his FAGGOT MUSMINS ass…..The enemy is within and it’s you know who……But that’s my opinion…..


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