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So here we are a Sunday Morning, drinking coffee, eating breakfast & trying to get ready for a day relaxation! And what used to be a day of Sabbath, a day of relaxation with family & friends has turned into a morning menagerie of talking heads spewing blasphemous BS lies & propaganda from early morning to night….. Heavens is this we do instead of going to Church? Has our false idol in reality become our Dictator & his Communist Disciples……I wonder??….This is just what this diabolical parasitical police state wants……There are now multitudes of brainwashed sheep worshiping at the altar of the gagging bastard POTUS……Really now, what is this or it? Is this a version of Ancient Rome, complete with a modern day NERO????…. It would seem to me this is EXACTLY where we are….Unfortunately I might add…..It seems the old adage of, never learning from our past is TRUE….


Why I ask do we allow ourselves to be spoon-fed propaganda……This is all just piece-mill bullshit….I grew up on a farm & in a small town in Texas & so it reminds me of an old joke we passed on as a kid, so using a bit of crude humor her it is in the form of a question; what’s the white colored stuff in chicken shit? Answer: It’s just more chicken shit! Well that’s the way I see the Sunday morning Propaganda Sessions….That reminds me of an old story…..There was a City-Slicker-Liberal politician standing on a corner in a small county town when a man pulling a small trailer of sheep pellets (SHIT)…. As the story goes the stupid liberal (that’s an oxymoron) asked; what’s that in the trailer? To-wit the old country boy said, SMART PILLS, have a couple!!!!   So the liberal took a couple & prom ply ate them, exclaiming, WOW that taste like shit!!!!! The country boy said; hell you’re getting smarter already….Oh, well, enough of that!!!


So here we are a few hours before the Arenas open for the fodder & spectacle of the masses ….And before the crowds gather & the beer flows….They (the sheep) get their Sunday Morning Sermon from the Mount (The Media ), to serve only one purpose….To get their weekly installment (download) of Liberal Talking Points……Better known as PROPAGANDA….Crap, isn’t it bad enough they try to shove this malarkey up our ass 24/7 via CNN,ABC,CBS,NBC & last but not least the forked-tongued bastards at MSNBC……


So in what was once, a day when we worshiped God & took a day off to be with family & friends or rejoice….we listen to garbage, we listen to how the world will end, we listen to all the multitudes of CHICKEN LITTLES out there with their doomsday spiel…..We are told time & time how we are a nation of evil bastards that has robbed the world of its innocence….Or how we single handedly polluted the air & the oceans….or we caused babies to starve every night….I mean who are those who are pointing their SELF-RIGHTEOUS fingers at the hard working men, women & families in this country????? ANSWER: those who are guilty…..They blame & blame & blame…..but they are the thieves & we are the victims of the crime….Well, where do we go from here? I don’t see the Hollywood ending here (hell they are part of the problem) …..Where’s the here hero riding in on his white horse….We will have to save ourselves IMO……And as far as my opinion goes this Day Of Worship has simply been turned into THE DAY OF THE LIAR…purely for the theatrics, the propaganda & manipulating of the masses…..Passes off as Entertainment…..Sorry I don’t feel a tingle down my leg, I think the government is pissing on our parade….But alas, that’s my opinion…..


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