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Amongst the many privileges like Freedom of speech & religion, we once upon a time had Freedom of the press….Both have been given a poison pill in recent years and are either dying on the vine or already pronounced DOA…….Freedom of speech has been fairly well destroyed by Political Correctness & the ACLU….And it has pretty much been the same for Religion…..The implied Political Correctness & the daily onslaught from the ACLU has muted the vast majority of Christians in this country….. Then throw in the Dictator…..a Muslim, Marxist, bisexual, inept & partisan POTUS……Well……Christianity has lost (for the moment at least to Islam) ….However ask yourself this question; will the ACLU go after Islam the way they went after the Christians?……..ANSWER: I think not! But alas that’s a conversation for another day!


I am what they call a, Baby Boomer! I was in High School when Kennedy was assassinated …..I saw the Viet Nam was start & slowly grind to an end…….And I saw the Free Press (main stream media) get political, take sides & never look back…..So in my opinion that was the beginning of the end for the so-called Free Press…..Now they are simply a Propaganda arm for the Liberal Wing of our government…..OK I’ll digress and state the obvious …….they are either communist sympathizers or out of the closet communists, socialists or Marxists……Prove me wrong if you will……to use the cliché, if it walks like a duck ….well you get the drift, I do believe….


But here is the quandary; why in the name of hell do we accept anything from these bombastic prognosticators as TRUTH TELLERS???? Have a little faith?… I don’t thank so, its bullshit!.. Not me, ever! Tell me at what moment truth starts & the lies stop….How does one discern fact from these carnivorous mutants whose only real goal is presenting auditory lies in abundance! The only real goal here is to razzle, dazzle & blind you from the truth & introduce or seduce you with the all too convenient lies …..PEOPLE they are a BIG, I will say it again a BIG part of the PROBLEM…..And approximately more than 50% of the Zombies in this country accept this garbage as Factually True……Give me a break….. Besides paying for abortions we must be paying for HAPPY PILLS (HUXLEY’S, BRAVE NEW WORLD) & FRONTAL LOBOTOMIES…….Damn have we fallen that far, never mind I know the answer….I’ll swear this generation of idiots has gotten so inept at thinking (what the hell is that) that if they crap in their pants they’ll need someone from the government to change their diaper…..


So here we are in this NWO type of thing…..We have a new version of the CASTSE SYSTEM ……With Government running everything…….The Political elite rule over the masses of slaves (Debt, indoctrination  ) & those who are in the middle …those who teach the indoctrination & those who spoon-feed the propaganda….The Media! ….. Ask yourself the question where do you fit in with this view?

And for those who think it isn’t too late to right this sinking ship…….How the hell are you going to do it within the confines of this Dictatorship & THE MYTH OF OUR FREE PRESS??? It ain’t free anymore….they sold their souls to SATIN just like JUDAS……We can’t believe anything we hear from the media or this government….And that is an opinion I’m sticking with….    


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