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Well here we are another nightmarish day in the land of the, not so free anymore…. The political parading, posturing  or as I would describe it, dog & pony show (political theater) is relentless(where’s the neon & the parade)….You know if you could harness the bullshit that come out of WASHINGTON , we could solve the worlds energy problems….hell its relentless, it’s unquenchable & it stinks to holy hell…..

Well, the very supposition that these two monolithic arms of the same crime family are going to save us from not only ourselves but all evil; past, present & future….Is at least from my observation, ludicrous, absurd and delusional…..Why would anyone with a brain, ok an infinitesimal bit of a brain think that those who have created(intentionally) the problem have any capacity whatsoever to fix it?…..And with clear intent to help themselves and no one else, these diabolical perverts have Plundered, Lied, Scammed or Conned the apparently stupid public out of every treasure we had or have…. They have under the auspices of foreign threats, taken away what’s left of our freedoms. And under the guise of political correctness & this thing the Gay Blade of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue calls FAIRNESS & SHARED WEALTH, has basically insured no one but the Ruling Class (Elites) will have the spoils of plenty…… And let me tell you if it ain’t gone now it will be…They will leave you with nothing…..These assholes live like GREEK GODS…..but for the most part they are doing the work of SATAN…..And we paid for every damn bit of it….Any yet they want more…SCREW THEM!!!


I don’t know about you , but it pisses me off to no end for the hypocritical bastards to live the obsessive, opulent Godly lifestyle (jets, caviar, wine & if you the POTUS visits to GAY BATH HOUSES)while we swim in the squallier they left behind…..This Do As I Say, Not As I Do…..BS doesn’t cut it with me….Hell these diseased maniacal BASTARDS don’t even have to live by the same laws the general public….And no one says a damn thing about….IMO, if they piss in their in their own bath water they ought to be made to swim in it too….Double Standards are a crock of crap….

Hell on any one particular day you can hear from one section of the choir….the world is ending….meanwhile back at the ranch, the other section is singing a version of the, HALLELUJAH CHORUS….Once again I evoke it’s a CATCH 22……Remember Murphy’s Law ??? Murphy was an optimist…Realistically this is more of the, Peter Principle; we have risen to our own level of incompetence……And using another cliché; If the shoe fits wear it….Well hell, I for one don’t like it one bit… but alas for close to one hundred years (especially the last fifty) we have elected LOSERS & BOOZERS as our POLITICANS….. Why? We vote for the lesser of the evils…..And how’s that working? And the rest of the morons, idiots or zombies, well they vote as they were taught in school & for the ones the media tells them to…The liberals have turned this country into a Third World Country (SHITHOLE) complete with a Third World Dictator (and not even a good one)……But that’s my thought or opinion, meanwhile hold on the rides going to get a little rough……


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