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Have you ever been awakened by a bad dream, in a cold sweat, apprehensive & disoriented only to find out (and be grateful) it wasn’t real????…..And now another week of lies and political double-speak continues & continues & continues….Are we on a loop playback system….Seems like it to me!…. So with that in mind I wonder, has everyone but a few become brain dead brainwashed zombies?…. And in the middle of this staged Political Theater event, called the (no it’s not really) government shutdown, have we because we know this is but a dog & pony show, become nonessential CITIZENS?…… It seems to me that the only thing this DAMN GOVERNMENT (and the POS Dictator)wants is all our money & what’s left of our freedoms!!! Ask yourself, just what   the hell has freedom become????….ANSWER; the right or the privilege of serving the Fuhrer, the asshole & his minions of parasites …….. Screw them, I’d rather be dead…..


Not many of you know I’m an old musician and an old song title comes to mind here, The Shape I’m In ( The Band)…..Ask yourself just what kind of shape are we in as a country & as individuals…..Just what is your state of mind here? ….Is this a police state emerging?….. Is this now a Dictatorship?… Hell forget emerging, IMO it’s arrived with in full force with the Bountiful Barry (America’s First Queen)…..You know they called Richard Nixon, Tricky Dick…so do we call Barry …..Licky Dick???? That’s what she/ he or it does….But that’s another story ….


If you’re like me, I see nearly everything in Washington as PLANNED & STAGED with the intent to control, divide & imprison those of us who haven’t had the Obamacare Lobotomy …..This isn’t even real except for Hysteria & Drama….FDR once said something to the, that in Washington, nothing happens by accident …..This is all a play & in my opinion the end of ACT III……So ask yourself this question, what is your or our role in the forthcoming ACT IV…..Is this the final chapter? You there’s the old saying; you’re either a part of the solution or a part of the problem…..

Well this parasitical government (Frankenstein Lives) & its minions of brain-dead sheep, followers, mooches or Zombies are the problem, the total problem…..They are the CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER…..They are the ENEMY WITHIN and yet according to the dogma or propaganda those who are Free Spirits, who can still (the wonder of it all) think for ourselves are the Terrorists…..SCREW THEM ALL!!!


I apparently grew up in another era, a different time, a different place where the world (while not perfect or pretty) had some meaning, some purpose and last but not least had HOPE….I fear that is gone forever, with these communist bastards running this country (into the ground…..So if you’re like me, you’ve  just awakened from a slumber, rubbed your eyes and thought to you self….Where the hell am I/we is this just a dream, the preverbal Twilight Zone? Because I feel like we are now STRANGERS IN A STRANGE LAND …..It’s pastime for Revolution or anarchy…..but that’s my opinion….              


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