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Well here we are another Sunday, another day of talking heads & listening to all their psycho-babble about who’s winning, who’s losing, who’s acceding, who’s descending & who’s raining (pardon, but pissing is more apt) on our parade….The best analogy for this week, month, year  & era in politics can be described by a question PUTIN (Russia) was asked about dealing with the Faggot Fraud POTUS ; it’s like playing Chess with a pigeon who walks all over the game board, knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board & then struts around acting like he won…..IMO that sums it all up almost totally….And when you throw in the fact the game is almost totally rigged in the favor of the FAGGOT KING via a love affair with the bought off / paid off communist media…..What do you have???….. A stalemate!… How if I may, could one ascertain any other conclusion……Hell, it’s a forgone conclusion, the game is rigged & is at best with this Two-party system (Wish there was actually two) it’s a CATCH 22, damned if you do & damned if you don’t……


Let’s start with this notion or widely held conclusion that most of this country subscribes to about tyranny and our government…..And that is (one); our own government wouldn’t do that to us and (second); they’d hear about it on the evening news……Ladies & gentlemen that’s proof positive that years & years of indoctrination (behavior modification) & propaganda via our not-so-free press….WORKED better than any Irish charm, spell or extortion plot ever could…..Now like lemmings jumping off a cliff the sheep fight for a place in line to jump or do the Governments (now considered GOD ) bidding & all for their New Master & Messiah the Faggot POTUS……


Just for a moment think about the very young leader of North Korea & how he is or was portrayed by the MSM as inept, childish, spoiled  & lost…….Hell, you could substitute the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue & not know or be able to discern any real difference….OK the POTUS is an ASSHOLE too…..


So here we have a government that has turned on the very people it supposedly serves…..It is a monster into and of itself… is cloning & evolving into something oppressive, self-serving & evil…..This is a dictatorship with the police state increasing everyday…..They read our letters, they read our emails, they listen to our phone conversations, they know how much money we have & where it’s at…..And for those of you who have Business Bank Accounts, you cannot move money out of the country any longer….. FACT: I got a letter from the bank stating just that…..Same thing applies to our savings accounts…..BIG BROTHER is here it’s evil & it plans on crushing our ass…..

Just for a moment think about all the false flag incidents they are trying to create to get the Conservative Right to stand up & fight for….This government is trying to bait us into a CIVIL WAR… they can instill Martial Law….  And for those who want a little history try this on for size:…….So if & when someone says you can trust this government, they are full of it….lies BS or whatever you call it… You can’t believe one word they say….all they do is fear monger with every word & thought & action they do….They plan on winning & they will destroy anything that’s in their way…..BECAUSE they believe THE END JUSTIFY’S THE MEANS… But that’s my opinion…..


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