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Does anyone remember the Saturday Morning Cliffhanger’s, where you were taken right up to the moment where you could hear the crescendo, when you could hear the heartbeat, blood rushing to you head, your almost faint  &then bam, boom, whop it’s over……tune in next week for the next chapter, the next installment & find out if the good guys prevail , if they save the damsel in distress (AMERICA in this case….)And hopefully all that is right and wrong is put back in its rightful place, the natural order & all is good again……It’s the classic GOOD versus EVIL…..However there is one major problem here, at least from my perspective…… As is applies to this inept, corrupt, partisan, demonic, traitorous, LIARS & CROOKS…..   WHO THE HELL ARE THE GOOD GUYS???….I guess maybe out of the 537 elected politicians there are maybe (I hope & pray) ten (10) that we can trust….That remains to be seen. Folks the game is rigged….big time….


Here I have to ask the obvious question, why do we not have term limits?…. Why do we have career politicians?….Why does it take so much money to run for an office?…Or why don’t we have recall elections for the POTUS…..I know it’s like asking , why don’t we learn from our past mistakes?….Or Why does power corrupt ?…….Ah, the answers will be in next week’s installment  of , AS THE WORM TURNS IN GOVERNMENT!!!!! ….Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel…..  


Nonetheless here we are just a couple of days away from a Nuclear Meltdown, The China Syndrome, ……..Is this our daily installment of government waste (be sure & flush)????…. Crap, speaking for myself I’m sick & tired of all this GARBAGE……Why can’t we just call this play, this act, this bull, just what it is….PROPAGANDA……..I’ll say it again Propaganda pieces written but for one explicit purpose……to instill fear & loathing…..The end result is CONTROL or a new version of Modern Day SLAVERY……


So here we are on the last Monday, that Americans will ever see (as decreed by QUEEN BARRY) ……The meltdown is forthcoming….run to your shelter, pray to your God (GOVERNMENT) as the God of old is outlawed……Doom & Gloom is being prognosticated & uttered by every CHICKEN LITTLE in our small little Universe……The heartbeats faster & faster, the sweat coming from every pore, you feel flushed, you feel dizzy & you feel like this is the end, an out of body experience, if you will…..But……But…..But as you gaze at the horizon you see dust in the air & if you listen oh so closely you can hear a drum roll, you feel , you want and you pray that there is an answer in the wind (dust actually)…..Oh could it be, heaven forbid a vision of glory….A masked man riding a white horse & a Indian on a paint……I can hear it now, listen……DOES ANYONE HEAR VIOLINS……Does anyone hear, The William Tell Overture????? …..Saved one again????…. Oh shit, it’s just Brother Barry & his 537 disciples robbing, raping & pillaging everything we have left …..Saved, not hardly…..This is nothing but stagecraft, a serial, a false flag incident or a play brought to you by those who sponsor  them (some of us know who they are)  ……….But once again this is my opinion & I’m sticking to it…..     


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