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So here we are another week under our belt, another week of this Dictatorship and another week of lies, deceit & fear or hate mongering……That seems to me to have become the norm or status quo, at least in my opinion…..Whatever happened to the old saying, The Truth Shall Set You Free????? …..Those very true words get trotted out every day in some form or fashion but they no longer have any meaning….Honestly, can anyone tell me what the truth is anymore???? And if you looked across the bow of the ship that we all seem to be sinking in, are there enough people left that give a damn???? I know I’m preaching to the choir again, but hell all I see is empty expressions, empty brains devoid of any ability to discern fact or fiction……Problem is the deluded imbecilic brainwashed sheep of this word are brain dead…..Lobotomized at the age of 3 in pre-school, free-thinkers are not only becoming rare, but are considered threats by our Marxist government…..But back to my meandering point, truth is no longer spoken, uttered, grunted, belched of regurgitated by the So-called leaders ( that’s a joke)of this country…. Even though, while not meaning to give away the fact I’m an old fart, I heard (or was it just a myth) that someone told the truth back in the 80’s …..And that can’t be verified….Kind of like, BIG FOOT….

Someone tell me , when did Freedom of the Press or Speech mean or equate to truth telling…..It would seem to me it’s more like the FREEDON TO LIE with impunity…..And they damn sure do it…..often and without end….. Every day it’s like the Circus coming to town. Side show barkers, cons, three-card-Monte & every death-defying stunt on this plant….all for you pleasure, your amusement for the sake of your distraction…….It’s stupendous, its colossal, it BULL SHIT…..It’s a con game….. Theses freeloading parasites are picking your pocket while you’re watching the diversion…….And hell, most of the ignorant sheep of the country are too damn dumb to understand it…..And to me that I itself seems a little to convenient or cozy…… Public education is nothing but Behavior Modification Centers….And the Media, well they are nothing but Government Controlled Propaganda services …….And yea, and they’re just looking out for the folks, BS!!!!!

Let’s look at it this way, if you disagree with his/her holiness ODUMBUTT, you’re a racist, your stupid, your Anti-Muslim, your Pro-Christian & you are THREAT to this government…..So I guess the Government’s only GOLDEN RULE is comply and/or obey……Let’s not ever question how the money is SPENT or STOLEN…..let’s not question right or wrong (Nanny knows best) or for that matter, let’s not question the role of government in our lives….. Government is now synonymous with God-Head……Don’t mess with the master ……Yes just what this world needs is a majority of worker ants, bread, cloned or hatched to serve these evil bastards that run this show……
And as far as it goes, for those insipidly stupid liberal morons without a brain just keep listening to THE DISCIPLES OF BLASPHEMY and quoting all their talking points without rhyme or reason…..Just keep on doing the dirty work for your SATIN…..And maybe (I doubt it) you’ll figure it out before you become EXPENDABLE to this bunch of Satanic leaders some call Politicians…..And while I’m a believer in Heaven & Hell……we sure didn’t have to make this life into a hell…. You can think government for that….but that’s my opinion….


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