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Well here we are another day of the Blind leading the Blind or is it really the Clueless….Ah, let’s not split hairs here…..While Nero fiddles we just investigate (not really) & hold made for Primetime HEARINGS for the amusement or fodder of all…..Why don’t we just go to the toilet & flush?….Because that’s about all this bad DOG & PONY show amounts to.. This idiotic, imbecilic, inept Dictatorship could be more aptly described as, The Gang Who Couldn’t shoot Straight or Hogan’s Heros……Hell, have we had our morning briefing by Sargent Schultz ( Jay Carney)???? Why bother…’s just the same old blather day in & day out….. It’s just more Communist Talking Points if you will…..You could listen to a pig squeal & get more info……


This is the way I see it; have you ever in your life seen a more dysfunctional Government (dictatorship) in your life???…. And somebody voted this dickhead, prick or asshole into office TWICE….What the….never mind!…..Plausible deniability has been taken to a threshold that’s never been achieved before & they get by with it…..again & again & again….. WHY?….Never mind…..some of us know the answer to that……But how does one with a straight face tell the American Public ( including the lobotomized brain-dead brain washed sheep) that the maggot faggot Muslim Marxist POTOS , KNEW NOTHING??….And I for one don’t understand…..that is unless this is the proverbial end…Mediocrity Rules…This POS is apparently the most insulated, inept, insane and insulate BASTARD that’s ever been a self-appointed Emperor…..


Here’s the rub; this Third World Dictator is either the lamest, stupid, non- caring or uninvolved POTUS we’ve ever had or he is the most evil, conniving and diabolical leader this country has ever had…..But either way too few people ask questions…..And even then there will be no actions taken to address any of the issues…..You know the Communist Bastards that run this Government stick together…..The game is still rigged….Pick you poison….suicide or a slow agonizing death……Well the insipidly stupid Zombies have apparently picked slow-death…..And meanwhile back at the ranch, the shrinking minority of those who get it are stuck watching, A HOGAN’S HEROS PARADOY 24/7 on cable news …….And while the brain-dead liberals yuk it up & laugh they’re ass off at our stupidity….I for one don’t think it’s one damn bit funny….But that’s my opinion, that is till they make that illegal …..


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