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Is there anyone besides myself that is sick & tired of this governments’ weekly installments of PROPAGANDA…The Self-serving bastards that they are…. Really now these, “dog & pony shows,”(made for TV, political theater)are nothing but a bad joke, a fiasco and a total 100% waste of money…Not that anyone in Washington gives a RATS ASS….Because they don’t …..Why should they don’t answer to anyone….anymore about anything …….And no one holds them accountable….


That brings us to today’s installment or episode if you will about the OBAMASCARE website (or lack of one)……What a colossal delusional waste of time…..This is basically the, “Bash Darrell Issa Hour,”…..Crap you can’t deduce, discern or conclude anything else….I mean really, does anyone really believe this malarkey?…….Never mind, the answer my friends is not blowing in the wind, it’s the Communist Bastard DemoRatZ blowing each other…. Pardon my infinite sarcasm but how is it that this badly made & acted show hasn’t been canceled????……I know the brain-dead Zombies eat it up….. Frontal-Lobotomies at the age of three… well as programing & brainwashing from cradle to grave has given us the most ill-informed, stupid, drug-induced & inept generation in the history of mankind ……You know if the Chinese or the Russians invaded this country they’d be too damn dumb to know it……Sad but true…It would just be business as usual……And if it it’s the Muslim bastards that are slowly taking us over ….well they would be just like chickens with their head cut off….. It’s the blind leading the stupid…


I mean really, the first hour of the show went like this; a republican asks a question about the Obamascare Website…. The communists (democrats) call the republicans names…. And on & on & on…. Now how does that fix anything…..answer it doesn’t , it wasn’t intended too, they don’t care, it’s all a scam & we are paying for it…..Not only with our money but sooner or later with our lives……It’s all about the MONEY (power) and total control…..Slavery anyone??? We have become nothing more than pawns in this game and even worse we are nothing more than “worker bees or ants…..

How ever here is the rub….all the while the country is harping, carping & regurgitating the smartest asshole in the worlds signature legislation, they are spending, wasting & stealing more money than this….as well as sending lawyers, guns & money to the MUSLIMS everywhere……The intent is to keep us in the dark by keeping us divided…….Its working…..And folks we allowed this because we said nothing & did nothing…..Meanwhile back at the ranch & after the drum roll, you’ll see  and hear the tease and a heavy dark masculine voice saying AND NOW THE PREVIEWS FOR NEXT WEEKS EPISODE!!!!

PS: Doesn’t it seem a bit ironical that of all the countries in the world , that France would kill a deal with IRAN & side with Israeli…….How far we have fallen & we haven’t bottomed out yet…. But that is my opinion….We need a whole lot more GOD & a whole lot less Government….



  1. So true… I just hope the real Americans of this country.. those that truly love what she stands for will rise up and take our Great Nation back! One Nation Under God! No exceptions.. love it or leave it!

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