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Part & parcel we all have had some part in the” building of the beast,” we call GOVERNMENT…It has been a slow evolutionary road & IMO it’s not accidental either….To build this monolithic parasitical corrupt government people had to accept a few basic premises…one being acceptance….I call it compliance via the dumbing down of the masses (or asses in many cases)…..There is a fitting cliché, “what you accept is what will be” or something to that effect…..I mean really, behavior modification from “cradle to grave” by schools & 24/7 propaganda via the Government owned & subsidized MEDIA…OH WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE……


Amongst the verbiage, the term that seems the most paramount is, “ACCEPTANCE”…..One might say at least from my vantage point is a type of involuntary (or not) compliance…..And for me this is the rub, if you will…..accepting the new normal…..that is IMO , do not question, do not think just do as they (the government) tells you…can anyone say,”Heil Obama?”……Just be good little solders & go to work and send the corrupt bastards all the spoils from your endeavors……And for all of that you will be allowed to walk around in the Prison Yard with the rest of the inmates (slaves if you will)…..


At what point did we start accepting less than excellence as leadership (whatever that is)??? And why prey tell? Let’s look at it this way…..The term, “Crooked Politician” is nothing more than an oxymoron…we have come to accept corruption as business as usual…. And we wonder why this country is going to hell in a hand basket…..It’s simply the evil crooks leading the blind & insipidly stupid into the “gates of hell” or “jaws of death!”


Let’s take a look at the” topic de jur,” the fiasco OBAMACARE…….The Marxist Muslim Faggot POS, POTUS has known for three years (I know other than plausible deniability) that MILLIONS would lose their Insurance & their doctor…..And he has the audacity to come before the cameras & tell us that’s he’s outraged & had no idea that this was the case……Lying bastard POS!!!! However this is, “par for the course”……but the dig here is too many people not only believe him, they cover for his lying ass… Let’s put it this way, how is it that the” world’s most articulate sub-human,” could have not known…..And yes I’m from the SOUTH & I didn’t just fall off of the turnip truck last night either…..These people would have you think that they don’t know shit about anything……How far have we fallen…..

As a culture we have come to accept bald-face lies as half-truths as something misspoken & pretend it just the way is is…..If you’re flying from one destination to another, do you want the pilot who failed or cheated to get his license to be your pilot???? I think not….And that’s just exactly what we have running (ruining) this country right now.  The most inept unqualified EVIL POS is this country’s history is driving this ship & the ship is sinking…..And this happened because we don’t question authority any longer….They get a free pass because the People have come to accept” MEDIOCRITY “instead of demanding the best, the brightest and most of all the most honest…..Honesty is no longer rewarded in this culture, so in effect the chaos of our lives is used to manipulate & control us…..The tipping point is upon us…IMO we’ve tolerated this crap for way too long….. WHEN MEDIOCRITY RULES, this is what you will get every time…..


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