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Is there anyone out there who can explain to me, just what it is about the LIBERAL BRAIN {or lack of one) that continues to deny what the rest of us; see as the obvious: that the country is in DECLINE…. And all these liberal appeasement policies like” political correctness “are a large part of the problem….Really now the only thing this government is good at other than robbing & pillaging the country & its inhabitants is dividing us…..Well they have that one down pat…..because divided we certainly are……And led by the dimwitted POS POTUS what else would you expect; peace, harmony or tranquility? I don’t think so…least not from this communist race-baiting SOB….


So let’s get this straight; this government steals, robs & cons from us at will and the masses, they say nothing….The government pits & favors MUSLIM BASTARDS over CHRISTIANS & the masses, they say nothing……The government no longer enforces its own immigration policies, thereby allowing illegals the same benefits that that the citizens have and the masses, they say nothing….And to make it worse in many places there are more people on welfare than are working and the masses, they say nothing….This country has become a Socialist Welfare State and the masses continue to say nothing…..We have elected not once but twice  a ‘Third World Dictator” as POTUS & we are now nothing more than a “Third World Country” and the masses still say nothing……And yes while acknowledging there are some of us left that see this, ( where are the FEMA CAMPS) we have watched the rise & fall of the Greatest Country this cruel & evil world has ever seen…..and we did nothing……When you accept CRAP  you get CRAPPED on….. WHY????


Every Conspiracy has to have several legs to pull off the so called “coup d’état”……the final leg IMO was the MEDIA…… I mean really this media is so far to the left as well as corrupt only a blind man could miss it….Seriously, the MSM have their heads so far up the Muslim Bastard POS POTUS’S ass if he farted he’d blow their brains out….. That is assuming they have a brain of their own……Lobotomies anyone????   The delusional brain-dead in this country are controlled from cradle to grave via the media & our behavior modification factories our so-called schools…higher education it is not and the real function they provide to prepare the youth to become SLAVES to the Government Machine…Yes lets continue with this cookie cutter world & have no freedoms whatsoever, no freethinkers or hell no thinking aloud period….. And yet as a whole this society says nothing because we blindly accept this mediocrity as the new normal, it’s just the way it is or this is just politics… And compliance is inevitable….

To me it comes down to this….we just celebrated Thanksgiving and yes while we have a lot to be thankful for ….Our God, our family & our friends…(.and yes things could be a lot worse) we have screwed ourselves……And I for one take no solace in that whatsoever……Nor should any of us …..I reject that completely …..What we allow is what will be…..just continue to turn a blind eye to all the filthy parasites in our nation’s capital, THE DISTRICT OF CORRUPTION…..for we have now made a PRISON out of what was a  FORTRESS …..And does that make you feel…..The Fairy Queen POTUS fiddles like Nero and he gets a pass time & time & time again……Where is the outrage, where are the leaders & where are we going ..The road to hell is lined with good intentions……Are we really way past the proverbial, “Come to JESUS Moment?”… I for one think so but then again, I’m an old fart, old school & may an old fool ….We once had a dream & now the dream is dying on the vine…but that’s my opinion…..  


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