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 OK, here we are less than two weeks before Christmas & three weeks before a new year…..So how are we doing or not doing as the case may be……What do we have to be thankful for ? What are our hopes and wishes for the New Year……For me in my sarcastic view its just survival….Or is it really just existing? Either way it SUCKS!!!!!…..I guess if your fresh from a lobotomy, you have some new talking points…Let’s see, we have given away the Ranch to IRAN, we have a half-ass budget deal from our newly crowned”House Of Lords,” we buried a Communist In Africa, we are being reminded everyday about the blessings of OBAMACARE & we have every damn Republican in the world responsible for all of it…. Hell , I’ve heard rumors that Republicans were responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire…..That will be to a text book near you soon…..Damn , could it get any better than this…..


  Really now, lets look at some of this propaganda disguised as fact or fiction…….First there is IRAN…..isn’t this CON really about the Marxist Muslin Faggot Bastard trying to save face, change the subject & show the world just what the “Worlds Worst Dictator” can do when he’s inspired by Allah (or maybe he has something up his ass)……Who other than the stupid & his faithful worshipers the MEDIA believe this horseshit (no intent to demean horses here)….Nonetheless you can bet your sweet ass the deal will happen….Hell have we gone from “a chicken in every pot” to a” mosque in every neighborhood ?”….Is there a sale on prayer rugs at Wally World??? Here comes Mohammed….



And quickly I’ll  say this about Mandela…WTF…he was a communist that killed thousands….are we going to celebrate Hitler next?…..Never mind we have a Hitler (want to be) reincarnated in the White House…..And the stupid brainwashed sheep love their Messiah…..Personally I wouldn’t piss on him if “IT’S” brain was on fire….It should be apparent by now I hate the POS…


And now we come to the so-called budget deal…..Sorry, I’m from the country,,,,it’s just the same old shit….Apparently to be a elected Republican these days you must undergo castration because they certainly have no balls…They are so afraid of the Government Propaganda Machine they’ve apparently given up the fight….Or were they just bought off…..Personally I thank it was the latter….


And then we have the Obamacare fiasco ( Albert Schweitzer should be thrilled, not)……The you can’t keep your plan, you can’t keep your doctor, you can’t keep your hospital and you can’t keep shit is a big elaborate con…..And today we are starting to find out not only will drugs not be included but Pr-existing condition is NOT a guarantee…..Are you pissed off yet….You ought to be…And if your not you’re part of the problem…  Let’s get to the point….eventually only the ELITES will get good healthcare….they can afford it…the rest of us ……well….we will be governed by a board of lifetime appointees who will dictate everything including our death to what will be Government Doctors…..

Are you thrilled now, are you happy to be alive to witness the DEATH of AMERICA & all our Freedoms?……Doesn’t it make a tingle run up/down your leg???? We have witnessed the Death of a God-fearing/loving society & what we have now the the BIRTH of GOVERNMENT…..God of the 21st Century…..Damn I’m so happy I could crap in my pants , but I don’t have permission to do so…So let’s just join hands & arms and “JUST FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD,”to hell in a hand basket…..And to paraphrase Frank Zappa, maybe we should pull back the curtains and see who is really running the show because it damn sure isn’t who you think it is…But this is just my opinion….SCREW WASHINGTON!!!!


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