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Well, here we are at years end and Christmas time….a time of year for reflection & giving…..It should be a time of year to rejoice & celebrate friends, family, hopes, dreams, love or our futures….Or so to speak our journey (or lack of one)…..So I guess other than our our personal quirks, needs or desires…which is to love & be loved with all the attributes & benefits implied… just what is it you would most like to see happen?…..Speaking for myself, I’d like to see a return to the old fashioned values of our past….I’d like to see our government return to what it once was…..I’d like to see the government return all the freedoms they have stolen from us in the last few decades….I would like to see the people of this country start to wake up and to realize that everything that we once held to be true has died on the vine…..I would like to see hope & real faith (respect) return to our visions of our tomorrows….because that is how we get over or move on from our past , our mistakes & our sorrows….And you know on the surface all of those thoughts are so simple & yet so difficult to enact….

Why pray tell do we dwell so much on our past when we should be moving on….Really now, if you’re standing still, you ain’t going anywhere..And.I would maintain at least for the most part ….it’s by design….Really, we are all prone to one degree or another to dwell or obsess over our past or things we cant control, hell I’m guilty….But in the grand scheme of things its also what divides us…Sad but true, nonetheless…..and what do we have to show for it???? Nothing whatsoever IMO….

Are these typical reflections: I remember when I had a job, I remember when I could make a living (without stress)or I remember when people cared, really cared & gave a damn or I remember when we had a GREAT COUNTRY…..Well baby, that one is seemingly gone, I guess by the way or the Dodo bird…..Extinction looms on the horizon & it’s there for all to see at least for the few who have the guts to understand it for what is really is…I mean really now forget about the propaganda & hyperbole that we get 24/7 from the Dictatorship & its Propaganda ministers ….Really now (according to MSM), we have the Second Coming of the Messiah via the physical body of OBAMA…..I mean what the hell could go wrong here……By the shining light of his Holiness he has delivered us for all the “chains of bondage” & into the light of the light & wonder or bliss(PISS is more apt)…..Yea buddy, this POS Muslim Marxist bisexual feels your pain….you got it….Bull Shit….

Liberals (communists) have been feeling everyone’s pain for decades & all the while filling up their bank accounts too…..What a colossal con, rip off or theft if you will & the sheep keep begging them to steal more…..What a waste of braincells…..Thinking is apparently a lost art form….And Education (Common Core) damn sure isn’t the answer….


But you know the one that perhaps gets to me is Americas fall from grace & power…..The grace part is for the most part what Liberalism (progressives) has done for us…..But to have seen the DEATH OF THE EAGLE on our guard should give one pause …that is if you can see the forest for the trees….Really now, up until the Rise Of Our Great Dictator, “Opussyface, The Not-So-Great,” America was the most powerful country in the World…..Which brings me to this point……Where would Russia & Putin be without the Immaculate Faggot POTUS ? ANSWER: nowhere…..WTF…..Shouldn’t  the Russian leaders send ,’thank you” cards to the WH…they have so much to be thankful for now…..


In just FIVE years THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING  has done more to destroy (transform) this country than what Two World Wars could do…..Hell is Stalin , Marx, Lenin & Hitler rolling over in their graves…..He has divided the people in this country like no other…He has made this country look weak, tepid, inept & without direction….He is a worthless Piece Of Shit….he deserves no respect from my ass….you gotta earn it,he deserves to be flushed down the toilet just like any other turd…..Or Shot at sunrise for Treason…..And THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING, keeps giving us more useless shit everyday & we put up with it….WHY??? We fear these bastards & they should be fearing us….but that’s my opinion….


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