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Well here we are at the end of the year….The highs, the lows and the lies…..And while we have so much to be grateful for the cynic in me asks for how long…..There is an old, Bob Dylan line that seems apt here, He who is not busy living is busy dying……Which to me says enjoy the ride or the journey, but as a society are we……Are we living or simply existing, do we cherish our opportunities or have we learned to cower & live in fear…..And yes sadly there are some so stupid via the propaganda & behavior modification factories , that they wouldn’t know the truth if it was shoved up their………..never mind…The Dictatorship in this country has been running roughshod over our lives for so long that it seems to me we have become more afraid to live than to die……


With yesterday being Christmas I found myself in a reflective mood…..And I would suppose it’s human nature to look the past while at the same time looking at the illusion of a future…. So I found myself watching the Christmas movies…..but the one that got to me was,”BEN-HUR”…….And yes  I know this was a novel but when his mother & sister were cured of leprosy seemingly at the same time Christ died, well it brought tears to my eyes……It was a reminder to me that Humanity has taken a giant step backwards…….The Parasitical Politian’s of this country use it the shame & blame to manipulate us……That’s how they steal…….and we say nothing……Just think of an issue & follow the money……  


Let’s look at a couple; first because we have the First Half Black (all ass)Muslim Marxist  Homosexual as POTUS you need to look at whose getting rich off of his ass…..The Race Baiters, Sharpton & Jackson come to my mind…..And then you have the Muslims we’ve sent those sand-bastards milliom$  & the trickle hasn’t event slowed down  ……look at the Health Care Web-Site…..millions going to Friends of the Transsexual looking Michelle….

Let’s get down to reality here, when these politicians use the term, war or terrorism its used to sell fear…when The Dictator talks about Income redistribution he is selling guilt….. And when he uses the term lets builds a better more perfect society ….he is talking about a Fascist Dictatorial State……So IMO all these ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS  & FALSE SOLUTIONS are simply Hollow Meaningless words……It’s a con game, it’s rigged & it’s going to be damn hard to stop…..However we have little choice…..The illusions we wake up to aren’t real…..neither is the false solutions…..That’s the way I see it…..    


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