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Let’s see here, have you caught the last installment of,”Days Of Our Lives?”…..The Washington social circle keeps sounding like a bunch of “OLD HENS” that have been on a steady diet of gossip…..What we have her is another Tell-All book (Robert Gates) about Politics in Washington……..Really now is it any surprise that Politicians play politics for their own gain & not the gain of the masses, the sheep & the brain dead…..What does this (as a reminder) tell us about the type of people we elect (personality disorders & all) and our ability to filter through the mountains of disinformation & elect people with honor & integrity……However having said that how many of us know what honor & integrity mean……Sadly not enough…..


This seems to be the crux of the book…..We (not my ass) elected the most inept, partisan, ego-driven, unprepared,Anti-American POS as POTUS & we will pay for it in years to come….perhaps with the loss of the Country & our freedoms….I’m not so sure we will recover (if at all) in my lifetime….And we are sailing full speed ahead into the darkness & practically everyone (those with power or influence) don’t say squat….This Narcissistic Bastard, some call the POTUS (for me the enemy) is pissing on us (include the rest of Washington) & the media says its raining & the sun is shinning……To wit I say BULL SHIT!……


Lets go over a few highlights……The Community Organizer is not only against all the WARS because I’ll get him votes, but he doesn’t believe in the success……How does one discern that or if you will analyze that thought.. He is sending Troops into battle in what he sees as certain failure…..So it’s go into battle & die young man or what????? But to me the most telling part is this…..Lets use sports as an analogy…..How does a team perform when the Coach or Management believes your going to lose…..Well hell, you’re likely to fail…and should you far-be-it win….it’ll be despite of it all…..But we are told time & time again how smart this asshole is…..NOT !


Another reveling fact is Mr Ego’s total disdain & distrust of the Military & The Generals that serve under him,,,,,Really now is this the type of BASTARD we want running & representing what was once a great country???? I sure as hell think not…..Oh but shit, he’s so damn smart….And while I’m not big on this thing called, Nation Building…..(we don’t have the heart & soul to do it well)….he/she or it has squandered all of the successes we had in Iraq & Afghanistan…..For what or to what end?…..We took out a tyrant in Iraq only to let it get run over by Radical Muslims (as if there is anything else)…Oh but, did I tell you he’s (POTUS) so smart…And add insult to injury the Narcissistic Faggot cuts the Military pay…..May I throw in one old pervasive thought…. respect is earned & it is not given…..This bastard has earned none….


And without going into every detail, Mr Gates is Kind to Neither Political Party….But here is what I see as the underling issues….We have elected as our Dictator a POS that does not or will not lead…..he turns & runs at every occasion……He slays the dragon with with verbiage that would make most men, women & children go WTF …….The words are hollow & they have no meaning because they hold no truth… He tell the masses of brain dead Zombies what he thinks they want to hear…..Not what the truth is….Hell, I wonder if this worthless bastard knows any truth…..He was trained at birth to HATE AMERICA by his Communist / Marxist family…..Alas the poisoned fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree….


But I guess this is my point….there is a fork in the road now & this is where our journey has taken us (to hell IMO) & so here we are one road takes us down the road of the Dictatorship & Police State & the other road takes us back to where we’ve been…a return fundamentals & values…….But then again I digress ,I keep having  to remind myself that the Muslim Marxist Faggot at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…..Is SMARTEST POS IN THE WORLD…….Hell , what could go wrong…..He is considered by some to be the Messiah , BUT he’s just a small minded arrogant bastard & certainly not THE SMARTEST POS IN THE WORLD…..But that’s the way I see it…



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