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The world or life as seen through my prism is a bitch…..No one is going to give you one damn thing …t However that doesn’t mean some don’t have it either easier or better than the others, but the simple fact is we’re born, we live & then we die…..The Old,” Hank Williams” said in song…”you ain’t gonna get out of this world alive”…….That’s a overly simple statement but nevertheless true……So while holding on to that thought, why is it then pray tell, that we constantly make the road, the path, the journey or life in general so damn hard on ourselves….It would seem the lessons are there, but apparently we either can’t or won’t see the “Forest For The Trees”……..It would seem to me if you take Darwin’s,” Theory Of Evolution,” we haven’t learned to much…..Somehow ,”Survival Of The Fittest,” has evolved evolved or morphed into something more akin to, surviving corruption & crime or joining it……And yes I know there are still some who try to live life as God intended, honest & trustworthy …..However, most don’t even try anymore….That path IMO seem to be obscured by a jungle of lies, propaganda, behavior modification and corruption…..


I think we are all familiar with, Murphy’s Law …..whatever can go wrong will (some say Murphy was an optimist)…..but many of us know one other one called, The Peter Principle……we all rise to our own level of mediocrity…….That one I think hits the nail on the head…..otherwise how in the hell did we go from the Greatest Nation in Modern History to what is basically now….thanks in large part to LIBERALISM…. & a THIRD WORD DICTATORSHIP……..Because we certainly do have the Third World Dictator now in the form of a MUSLIM FASCIST HOMOSEXUAL SOCIOPATH……Yes I know that makes me a racist… be it….but I don’t think so….


There are a few things that bug the hell out of me & one is…. How is it that we allowed Government to take over every aspect of our lives……And you know it would be one thing if they were good at it …..but they sure as hell aren’t……Where there once was some facsimile of a family unit there is none now….but there is Government…..And once upon a time there was a mother a home to raise her children, but not anymore…..but there is Government……And once upon a time there were schools where people as well as children could not only learn but be rewarded for their excellence & exceptionalism …..but oh no not anymore…..Now everyone has a equal right to be STUPID…..And they certainly are now….We have Government to think for that too…..And once upon a time we were taught that if you worked your ass off you could become anything your heart desired…..But NO……Government fixed that too…..


The way is see it you are encouraged to be a nothing, just fit in, don’t make waves, don’t think for yourself (it’s outlawed) & DO NOT EVER TELL THE TRUTH….And Government Killed,” Free Speech’ too…….All they want is ZOMBIES who either work & give all their money to the WELFARE STATE or conversely just aspire to become a mooch, a sponge or a parasite……The Government doesn’t care so long as you fit in…..comply & do as they say…..But then again remember thinking has been breed out the human form….We have become Jellyfish who survive with NO BRAIN……So now the listless, the useless & the stupid are being ruled those blinded by corruption because WE HAVE BECOME A NATION OF BOTTOM FEEDERS…..because we don’t or can’t aspire to be anything else…But that’s the way I see it….


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