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All the while exploring the boundless opportunities that this encroaching Dictatorship & Police state offer, i got to thinking that the possibilities could be (not so) liberating…..But lets start with a few definitions before we Rock & Roll…..Socialism,Marxism, Fascism & Commission  all require what this Empire (or if you will Regime) creating a Welfare State to stay in power….. And by that I mean we have been reduced to only the Ultra-Rich & the working class & the parasitical leaches they support……This is eccentrically a throwback to Serfdom or a Slave State….Without the peons , the pawns or the Extorted minions of sheep the Ultra-Rich couldn’t rule from their perches of power ….And most people overlook the fact that the only real use that the PARASITES serve are to scare the ever loving hell out of the working class…You might say its propaganda & behavior modification rolled into a common theme…. And damn the plan is working like a champ….


     This Government & the Masses it CONTROLS should be looked at like a Marriage,,,,,And If one does that wouldn’t you say with the circumstances being what they are, its way past time for a DIVORCE……Or perhaps another analogy would be that if these Crooks, Cons & Parasites that we call leaders (barf) we all CEO’s or management types in a corporation they’d either be FIRED or in JAIL,,,,,either one would be fine with me…….Heavens, what are dreams made of……. It’s.certainly not this bullshit……Just follow the Yellow Brick Road or better yet just Follow the MONEY…..It tells the whole story…….It’s all about how to control the peasants…


How many people with any ability to discern & utilize the truth realize that that the Kings, Queens, Princes & Princesses that rule or if you will, ride roughshod over us are MILLIONAIRES….They live in a bubble of debauchery & elitism & they are so far removed from any connection to the common man/woman’s plight its ridiculous….Hell, the only thing these narcissistic turds are really, really, really concerned about is perpetuating their own self-righteousness , myth & money or power…As I said follow the money…..


Money is paramount to control…. Or it is with these ruthless nun-nutted leaders that are in power  .It’s what GREED is all about ……It’s the only game in town…….When this Government’s,” Third World Dictator” said I will give you OBAMMYCARE we should have said STICK-IT……but we said nothing……And the Liberal Gods of this World said this is good….this is great & you should think us now….we’re just looking out for you……my ass….they lined their bank accounts…. And for those of you who wish to enlighten or improve yourself….We shall give you more education (behavior modification)….and yee shall all be  equally stupid……And the Liberal God’s said this is good……For you shall now be so dumb & stupid that you’ll never recognize the truth….And for those with disabilities we shall give you DRUGS (or alcohol if you wish)…..And you shall be happy ,dumb & will live happy-ever-after  as either a slave or a servant…And you shall be to numbed out of your minds to care…..And the Liberal God’s said, hell yes this is good….We have the world by it’s proverbial balls……


So what if you will is the moral of this story????….What have we learned through this massive power grab? And where do we go from here? It would seem to me apparently we all now suffer from ATTENTION DEFICIT SYNDROME…. Because it would seem to me WE’VE GONE.DOWN, DOWN,DOWN into the, “RING OF FIRE” & it seems we not only don’t know it (Yes there are those who still get it) we never saw it coming because we are apparently brain dead or had Frontal-Lobotomies…….What is it going to take for the people of this country to understand we have been had…..We committed via government…..We have more power than we realize but all this damn government does is fear-monger everything…..I think it’s PAST time to stop going down, down, down & start taking it back…..But that’s my opinion & I’ll say it till they arrest my ass…..SCREW THEM ALL!!!!


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