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What do you have when you take the most Narcissistic Asshole in the world & mix it with more than a healthy dose of HATE? What do you have when you have a person with power and I might add ZERO EXPERIENCE who only surrounds his/herself with the proverbial yes men types? And What do you have when that person listens to no logic or reason & only listens to the Greedy Childlike voices in its screwed up, fowled up & clueless brain? Well sadly you have The POTUS, The Dictator of the First Queen of America….Well we are in deep shit here…..does the old saying,”up shit creek without a paddle,” resonate with anyone?……It should… does deja vu……Or SNAFU…..or even FUBAR (that one might be the most apt…..WTF….


Well the QUEEN OF MEAN has made another threat to use his POISON PEN  again & right all the wrongs of the world & bring Peace & Harmony unto the (thy) world….You know whoever said ,” The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword”……NAILED IT!!!!!……I actually,” ONCE UPON A TIME” held what is apparently a false belief that we had Three Branches of Government…….I actually believed (FALSELY?) that this was a way to limit the power of one branch of government over the other,,,,Well this epiphany (or maybe it’s just my brain swelling) or lack of one came to me as I finely came to realize this is no longer the case……We now apparently live in a QUEENDOME where the whelm, the thought (regurgitated), the Poison Pen or fart from his/her Queerness (The POTUS)….trumps all…..Now tell me this because I don’t drink, smoke weed or take any behavior modification drugs…..When  exactly did we go and or vote to go from a republic to having a Mullah as a Czar, or actually Fascism……….I don’t remember a war either…..Solders in the streets or tanks….Oh Well!!!


And regardless of how we got here, what the hell is the Senate & the Legislative Branches good for anymore????  If it’s entrainment I’ll pass…..Looney Tunes & Daffy Duck are far more entertaining….And for that matter this reminds me of a episode out of Fractured Fairy Tales (The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show) or may Twilight Zone…..Where the hell is Rod Searling…..Oh, damn, wait a minute…..shit I remember now what the other Branches of the Government are for……..SPONSORSHIPS……And to make Millionaires more millions…..Pardon, I must have had a flashback to the 60’s……I digress ….

    I guess this is the rub though……We have this behemoth Frankenstein Government…..We have Millionaires making decisions  about the working class, the young, the old & the Parasites……Almost 92 Million people are no longer in the labor force & I might add that is the most in 35 years…..And we’ve got all these, Prima Donna, millionaire thieves not only living the , Life Of Riley,” they are making damn sure that the SLAVES know their place…..And then……”RUM ROLL (please)”…….. we have this Messianic POS, “The TEMPER TANTRUM TYRANT,” ruling by his or her’s every whelm over his flock of sheep,the stupid & the Brainwashed….All the rest of us suck a hind tit……..Father knows best children…..Just listen, learn & follow the divine light of the QUEER QUEEN’S decrees…..I think the Bird Of Paradise just shit on our heads……But that’s my take on it…..Flush twice it’s a long way to Washington……..


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