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OK now you’re standing behind a curtain, you’re being introduced by someone at center stage… can hear the applause as well as the crowd roaring & there’s electricity is in the air…..And somewhere in the distance a Coyote starts to cry, so is no the moment when we will all know why……


Well I guess you could say I see the world through a certain prism….Hell, I’m old school….I grew up on a farm …I went to church…..I came from a large family at least by today’s standards ……I was a musician & played in many Rock & Roll as well as Country bands…..And I went to college where I excelled in the art of partying & chasing girls…..And not-so-much studying…..But here’s the catch, there was the War in Viet Nam……And so being old enough to die for this country, all the while not really understanding why…..And I became POLITICALLY AWARE…….And yes I know in today’s world that is such a sin….In fact it’s frowned upon…..And so in my first year of college , a reading requirement was HUXLEY’S, “Brave New World” & while it’s not a fun read it was compelling as well as enlightening ……And I sat down & said to myself…..SHIT!!!! …..I can see this happen …..I could see we were already going down that road……And that my friends was the day, the moment or if you will the epiphany hit me……..That you can’t believe or trust one damn thing this or any other Government says……And I guess not really realizing it that’s when I started to become a Libertarian or And Independent voter…….




And so with that as the backdrop, one could say or discern that I’m more than Skeptical, Cynical and less than amused at not only this Corrupt Government but at the nation of Brain-dead, Programed & flat-out Stupid Zombies or Jellyfish…..It would seem to me narcissism has been taught as well as encouraged by this world & in particular liberals & this Government..…..It’s an all about A ME, ME, ME world………I will defy anyone who can still think to read the definition of a sociopath….You will quickly come to realize WASHINGTON DC is a city full of them…….How would it make you feel to think you’ve been electing people with PERSONALITY DISORDERS like, the serial killer, TED BUNDY?????  Well you have….


But there are something’s that defy explanation ……According to Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results……With that being said LOOK at the 537 elected Crooks, Cons & Parasites and then tell me ………How many are Career Politicians???? Then tell me this …….how many are not only millionaires but how many more are well on their way to that goal……And then secondly, how many more of these sub-human life forms (that’s a stretch) have all their family & friends not only on the payroll (graft) but have set themselves up for a life of luxury……And then I ask you, this not so subtle but poignant……QUESTION????? Why aren’t you pissed off about this???? Why do you keep voting for the same parasites over & over & over again?…..And why do the real choices we have as voters all too often come down to the lesser of two EVILS….And if you don’t understand what I’m talking about , then quite frankly you are part of the problem…..With that being said just keep voting for THE PROUD ,THE PITIFUL AND THE PATHETIC LOSERS again & again & again….Because sooner or later this House Of Cards will fall, sooner rather than later this Government will run out of money & the then if you are one of the few that have anything of value ( And I’m not talking about the upper 1% of elites) then watch out they will sooner rather than later come to take that away from you too…..And I guess I could say see you in prison but we are already there…..And this my friends is not a matter of opinion…..because it’s not a matter of if this will happen, but when…….


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