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OK , amongst the pomp & circumstance or the backdrop if you will, a thought occurred to me and so-here-it-goes….If the Babbling Bitch Buffoon NANCY (where is my damn green-energy broom) Pelosi flew out to the podium this afternoon and said against “THE PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE (actually it’s BULLSHIT) we…. that is to say THE CZARINA our HOLY-MOLEY FUHRER, our MESSIAH or MULLAH DICTATOR…has decreed on this day via “edict “that this world is no longer round but in fact flat……So goeth forth all ye disciples & pilgrims & spread the word of my vision…..And I say unto you witness to your brethren so they won’t fall into temptation & walk off the edge of the world…. into the darkness & the void….And so be safe all ye children from all harm’s way………For I am now God…..

By the time the evening news hour would hit…..Half of the STUPID BRAINWASHED SHEEP would believe it……and the Mantra would certainly be carried, amplified as well as preached from the hallways & sound studios at MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC & CNN……..I can just imagine what Chris Matthews & Ed Schultz would say……are they not known as Apostle Chris & Apostle Ed……. Hell they’re all butt-hole buddies from way back in Steamy Bath-house days……Oh well…..just a thought……propaganda rules when you have multitudes of STUPID FOLLOWERS……


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