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Does anyone remember the old Tennessee Ernie Ford song,” Sixteen tons, what do you get, one day older & deeper in debt, Saint Peter don’t you call me cause I can’t go, I owe my soul to the company store.” I guess one of the not-so-great kept secrets in this country is that we have a huge “debt problem!” The part that is argued, spun & lied about is the urgency or lack thereof…..It seems apparent that many are confused about what is going one around them…..Yes truth is fleeting but from my exalted position…..AKA a slave to my own debt…(by that I mean I STILL have to work)And truth, well isn’t spoken in this country……Hell, is it a dead language or has it evolved into being just an “opinion?” And just like assholes everybody’s has one…..even though you might argue many of the opinions you hear espoused, regurgitated or repeated like a “Parrot” might be someone else’s !

For what’s it’s worth there is supposedly “three classes” of people; the upper class, who are the ruling elites & the wealthy…..There is the now mythical “middle class” that were basically your working class average Joe’s……and you had the “lower class,” the impoverished……the poor, the welfare recipients or in many cases the flat out “lazy asses” of the world…..1798674_521887661258012_2100274460_n

And having said that some of this breaks down this way…..many of the rich upper class elitists (politicians included) are greedy bastards who just want more….money or power same thing…..the lower class, well many of them are just living off the spoils of other peoples labors…..and well the middle class are the ones who actually pay for it all…..

And even though we now walk in the land of the “DEAF, DUMB & BLIND there are still a few of us who understand that what’s happening in this country and it’s that we have become a Welfare State…..I might argue its much more like a Fascist Police State….And it’s out of control…..

Ok let’s get back to the debt…..or the debtors prison we’ve created???? We all know full well all the King’s, Queen’s (oh, there’s a shit load of those) CEO’S, Billionaires or what-have-you aren’t going to pay shit….to bail this country out of anything……Hell they have homes in Rio, Paris or London…..they don’t care it’s just a game of “high Stakes poker” ….hold’m or fold’m ……

The welfare people or those who are the mooches, the parasites or the losers (dopers)…..they aren’t going to pay or do shit either…..that’s because they don’ know how to do anything…except maintain their “status quo!” Which is for all practical purposes…”sucking the government tit!”

Well by & large we all know the middle class or the working class…they pay for it all…..It’s their money that this government spends with “impunity” & “reckless abandon …….They give our money to whores, hoods, Muslims, Banana Republic’s & their “Dictator’s, “so-called friends as well as “Enemies!” And it never stops……it goes on & on & on & on forever or until we run out of MONEY………



Well, ding, ding, ding that moment or that train is rolling down the track….and we already know the upper & lower classes aren’t going to foot the bill….the middle class will……”.problemo”…..they are taxed to the hilt…..So where oh where will this government get the money (to support their lifestyles)????? ANSWER: they will still add taxes ….but they will go after the old money…..retirement accounts, 401 K’s…..or saving’s accounts in general…….with reckless abandon…..

There is one more thought that’s being kicked around….the “Retirement Age!”…..Well it is logical to think if you keep people in the work force longer you collect more revenue……and this is all about MONEY……This is the crux though…..they are talking about the age of “75”………WTF……….isn’t that actually saying “bob till you drop” or “work till you’re damn near dead….Realistically, your ass is owned by the “company store” and when you are no longer useful to the “Ruling Class Bastards” well they’ll just allow you to EXPIRE…..RETIRE, is just so , passé or yesterday…..Expire, they’ll kill you (death panels) retire, well that’s too expensive……

But this not-so novel idea in just a scam….if you make everyone in the workforce work to what is 80-90% of their lifespan there would be less Medicare & Social Security to pay…..Bingo….then there’s money for hookers & drugs… for welfare (votes) …..damn does it get better than this…..whoa…..what if they make everyone retired go back to work….I mean the democracy, the republic is dead. Maybe we are witnessing the birth of not only a Fascist Police State, but a new class of people …. THE HAVE’S THE HAVE NOT’S & THOSE WHO HAD A LITTLE……Isn’t socialism wonderful??? We will all be equals in “FALURE!” or” POVERTY!” or even better “DEATH!” And that is just what this Government dreams of !!!! It’ll just be more money for them…..


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