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Sudan’s Islamic Air Force Carpet Bombs Christian Villages Indiscriminately Murdering Civilians

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Sudan Christian Nuba
Christian children injured from bombings in Nuba.  Photo courtesy of: Free South Sudan Media Center

The Islamic Genocide of Christians in Sudan

by, Our Sudan Correspondent | Morning Star News | h/t ICC

The Sudanese Air Force bombed more civilians in South Kordofan state this week, murdering a Christian man and injuring a 13-year-old girl, an area source said.

As part of what area Christians believe is President Omar al-Bashir’s campaign to rid the country of Christianity and the ethnic Nuba people, a government jet on Monday (Feb. 10) dropped three bombs on Damardago village, killing a Christian identified only as 30-year-old Timotuos, the source said.

Timotuos was a member of the Sudanese Church of Christ, as are two others who sustained burns and other injuries in the bombing, 13-year-old Zaienab Jebril Turomba and 27-year-old Salim Kuku, according to the source, who requested anonymity. There is no military installation near the…

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