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Well here we are on a Saturday, the first day in October and boom, boom, boom ,”The War-Drums” are beating again……is this just another ,”prime time extravaganza” or just another “ false flag “ dog & pony show??? Or is it a real crisis …..or maybe the answer is : C…..all of the above……

Being from Texas, I’m reminded of the William Barrett Travis, “draw a line in the sand” thing…..but alas, in the case the” Operatic voice” of our Muslim Fag POTUS has hit a sour note… one is listening anymore……Could it be that Putin , the arch rival bully only see’s “the world’s most profuse liar” an just being the “queer deer “ (caught in the spotlight again) that he is……I’m sorry but this fraud puppet POTUS is a “PUSSY”……the only altercation this homo wants is a rough night of “playtime” with his boy toy….I digress…..


So here we are and this is the stage; the Main Stream Media (AKA Ministry Of Propaganda) are trying to parlay, spin and tell us this is a, ”New Cold War” or is this the dawning of “WWIII,” …..Or is this just, “setting the stage” for the “Queer Queen Of Mean” this country’s first Faggot Dictator to get on his little gay pony & ride in from the west , in a cloud of dust & save all humanity from “Armageddon”……as I digress I’ve heard that Spielberg, Clooney , Matt Damon , Dennis Rodman & Chris Mathews (and too many more to name) have finished their work (pre-production) on the script……And I MIGHT ADD, coming to a big screen near you …..And viewing is now required by law…..Remember Big Brother is WATCHING…..


I guess what the delusional left communists don’t understand is YOU CAN’T BRAINWASH (and convince) everyone in the world that, “OBAMA THE GAY” is the Messiah…..and he isn’t leading us into UTOPIA……but to slaughter…..You know, people are stupid… fact, real stupid….

But as I again digress, any day now your television set & radio will be interrupted by a message ( James Earl Jones) that the divinely stupid practitioners of the newly anointed faith, OMAMAISM…..will perceive as an omen…….and if you listen oh so very closely you’ll hear ,Tex Ritter sing the theme from, “HIGH NOON,”……at one end of the you have “Vladimir The Impaler” and at the other end of the street you have, The Queer Queen,” or “THE MOUTH THAT ROARED?”…..are we taking bets…..and if so who’s your pic……


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