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Can anyone honestly tell me what our present Dictator & Chief has done since his arrival, via this rigged & corrupt political system In Washington…..And by that I mean for the positive….I can’t thank of any…that is unless you’re on food stamps, have government contracts (healthcare)….government grants for “Green Energy” or for that matter work for the government…..and hell, if you work for the government you won’t have to buy ObammyCare, or what I call managed death-care….you’re exempt….or you’re in a Union you just got a raise via edict……I guess my point is there is a clear & evident trend here & it doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure it out & ascertain where this is heading…..I know into the “Crapper!”….I digress…..


And I suppose if you are a mindless Zombie, a jelly fish or just flat out stupid….you’ll reap the rewards also……I mean, other than the fact you’re too stupid to know any different, you’ll just go about your daily life doing whatever it is you do…..And if you’re just one level above a zombie that means you can work & give all your money to the government (slave to the machine)….. or If that is above your pay grade…then there is food stamps…that is if you’ll VOTE how the machine tells you….And the benefits…well the sky’s the limit….You can go to government schools, you can eat government grown (GMO’s) food, you can shit in government diapers, if you get sick you can go to government hospitals & then as you lose your usefulness they can kill you & put you in government crematories……Notwithstanding the “Soylent Green” possibility……who knows isn’t this all for one & one for all? Aren’t we special? Again the possibilities are endless….


Oh, I did almost ship over one segment of this country…..The Ruling Class Communists….Crap they’ll have the proverbial, “Life Of Riley!” …… Homes in France, LA, London or even Tehran with their good friends, buddies & lovers….ain’t love grand…..And that’s not to mention the Hookers (straight & gay), Pimps, drugs….lobster , caviar, Rolls Royse’s & MONEY…..lot of it….And with that all the power you need to be your own self-made Hitler…. Let’s face it in today’s world being a SOCIOPATH is what it takes to succeed ……Narcissism & opulence is a must…..


However if you are some of the few remaining survivors of this Communist takeover or Dictatorship….It ain’t so hot……Freedom of speech is dead, freedom of press is dead, and freedom to assemble is dead….. And sadly, freedom of religion has disappeared without a whisper …..

Then there are the cost of living issues!!Fossil fuel s are very expensive and so is food & housing (healthcare)…..And sooner or later if you become a “Ward” of the government….It’ll be cheaper to let your expiration date expire than to let you live…….And because these parasites wrecked this economy to gain power, this country of controlled fools & idiots allowed a Half White, Half Black, Muslim, Fascist Homosexual Pig who created NO JOBS, BUT A LOT OF BLOW JOBS to become it’s Imperial Dictator …… He created weakness where there once was strength…..he created welfare where there once was wealth…and he made this culture more divided than it’s been in decades & I might add this was done with the intent to destroy (it’s working too) ……And we allowed this on our watch…..What does that say about us…..Not much I’m afraid…..


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