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Would it be fair to say that if you cut a vein or an artery & you’re bleeding profusely, you just might consider going to a doctor? Would you go to the trouble of oh, let’s say getting a second opinion??? I don’t think so….that is unless you are one of the Brainwashed Idiots in this Paradise Lost world of ours……Most of us would say STOP THE BLEEDING at any cost….Key words here are MOST OF US!!!!


However what if the cut just seemed “superficial” but yet kept bleeding & worse after a time an INFECTION set in???? What would you do then?? Keep seeing the same DOCTOR? Go see a different doctor? No results? Or would you be one susceptible to the old Chariton, Witch Doctor types? Regardless of what is the correct diagnosis, there is a point, a threshold or a moment when you have your doubts…. about everything….Or you should…..It is healthy to ask questions & demand HONEST answers…..Alas that is no longer in VOGUE…..That is too yesterday…..That requires thinking …..


Should we not be at that point in this country??? And if not…Why not???…..Every day that passes we lose another FREEDOM, every day we lose a little more control, there are more regulations, more rules , more divisiveness, more conflict, more hate and more lies to decipher, construe or evaluate…..And at best we are left Confused & bewildered……And that my FRIENDS is by design….for its all part of the plan….


This was all done very subtlety or slowly…..this particular plan started after WWII…..The REAL COMMUNISTS weren’t the ones Black-balled in the 50’s via McCarthy……No, No, No the smart ones went into the COLLEGES….Became Teachers , Lawyers & POLITICIANS(Democrats)…..Oh, I must add Journalists for they are just Politician wannabe’s ……


So now for DECADES this government has in effect been Programing Kids from BIRTH…..And now with Obamacare….it’s BIRTH till DEATH do us part…..Every generation in this country has gotten DUMBER & more Brain-Washed & Programed……And you have the Media Feeding LIES 24/7 to reinforce all of the BULL SHIT…


The Corrupt Bastards that CONTROL us are just as EVIL as STALIN, HITLER, MARX or whoever….We ELECT people for all the WRONG reasons…..We TRUST for all the WRONG reasons …..And we do nothing because we FEAR them for all the WRONG REASONS……


This is not a SOAP OPERA but, it might as well be…we are watching “THE SLOW DEATH OF AMERICA” one little drop of blood at a time…..One freedom at a time…..This is not a FORTRESS….it’s a PRISON….THEY built it RIGHT before our eyes & we said….NOT ONE DAMN THING….That may be blunt, but its true….You can forget the Republic Myth….This is Casey’s Last Bat…..Or is it….You tell me…


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