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Though there are many around us…that you could call uninformed, stupid or delusional ….they are for the most part just TRAINED APES in the ZOO…..Why hell this government SPENT MILLIONS of DOLLAR$ making sure these Peons got just the right amount of training to DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD……And thinking is not one of them….What this SOCIETY needed at least in the Mindset of the EVIL WIZARD behind the curtain was PASSIVE OBEDIENCE….And so it goes…for decades the System For Indoctrination (Schools) has turned out dumber & dumber students….under the guise or pretense of calling it EDUCATION …….Let’s quit the pretending now, what are they teaching them to do? And why or what is the REAL END GAME?


I read where 4 year old girls were being taught to masturbate…..Teachers are trying to teach YOUNG kids about Homosexuality & Transsexuals …And I say to myself……Just what the HELL is REALLY going on here? It sounds more like indoctrination for “Pedophilia” to me…..Hell I read where some college is have a Seminar on,…. get this…”how to become a lesbian in 10 days”……Come on now…is there something I’m friggin missing…..But you know it’s one thing that this is being taught, but that WE are as a Reasonable Society are tolerating this crap SPEAKS VOLUMES…..I ask you what the hell is next…..Gay Nursery Rhymes, from or to the womb……

BeneZkuCYAAIWDb.jpg large

We need to stop PRETENDING, we need to take a good look at what’s happening & we need to take a damn good look at ourselves…..This Country, that we grew up in,” AMERICA” does not exist anymore…. We did not evolve into a UTOPIA……This is not Paradise Found……Paradise Lost?…..perhaps….

We fought a “Revolutionary War, A Civil War, WWI & WWII to arrive at the gates of WHAT….PARDONEZ MOI, I don’t know what the HELL this is…..But what this country once stood for IT IS NOT……


Isn’t it about time we woke up to the reality of what this is & not what it was…….Figuratively this country (other than becoming a SAD JOKE) has become a ZOO…..Go read ORWELL”S, “Animal Farm” & come back an argue with me….The NANNY STATE comes & feeds the masses, tells them what to think, when to react, what to listen to, what to eat, who to fornicate with male on male, female on female, humans to goats, sheep & camels……not to MENTION the 4 year old kids in Preschool who are learning to masturbate……..They will tell you what to do, what to say & what to dream……And the Idiots, the parasites, the brainless, the functioning morons of the COMMUNIST LEFT as well as the Treasonous bastards of the Government & its Sister arm the Laugh-stock MEDIA think it’s a WONDERFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD…..
This whole thing called freedon, be who you want to be, be the best you can be isn’t real, BECAUSE IT’S ALL JUST A MASQUERADE ……..The only thing I have a choice in, it would seem is Whether I will COMPLY & Surrender or resign myself to the inevitability of defeat……NEVER…..I’d rather be dead or in PRISON…..And I’m sure the Fascist Faggot Muslim will relish the day he can shut my ass up…..SCREW THEM ALL…..


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