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You know.It seems we have an overwhelming capacity to be STUPID…..not just dumb, dingy or a little light in the thinking process , but REAL StUPID…..The Endless Parade of mindless, Psycho-babble that comes from the, “it’s never the real news MEDIA” is unrelenting….However most of these things should be self evident….that is to those who see….


In my opinion the ‘Greatest Con” of the Century….was the INVENTION & CREATION of “Fairy Barry” the Muslim, Marxist Homosexual Fraud P.O.T.U.S……..Was George Soros the “Ring Master” or “Owner” of the CIRCUS???? And ABC, NBC, CBS, ABC,CNN,MSNBC & even FOX News the Sideshow Barkers….IMO yes they were…For the Corruption is Rampant & out of control and we sit here “collectively doing little or nothing!”



America & Americans are being sold off one parcel & one FREEDOM at a time….slowly…..So slowly we take no real discernable notice…..And that’s by design…..I think it was one of our earlier Commies “FDR” that said “Nothing In Politics Happens by Accident”…..he nailed it…..He also said Presidents are SELECTED & not ELECTED….He nailed that one too…..


The People (sheep) in this country have been lulled to sleep by lies & convenient lies….We are at a point in this country where People Don’t Want To Hear The Truth….What-is-it the old “hide your head in the sand trick”……..A lie is palatable & the TRUTH…..never ever admit to the truth….If fact people expect a LIE….What does that say???

Muhammad 5 (revised) (resized)

I have been told that there is a BOOK out there where there is a Ex-WH Staffer who say’s this in effect…..Barry the Fairy, can’t stand wearing American Suits….he changes into Muslim clothing ASAP upon arrival…..Also worth noting, there is a constant “FLURRY OF MEN” in and out of the QUEENS Bedroom…..


Is this only confirming what many of us thought.???…You tell me….But the bigger picture is this……This Government, this POTUS has been nothing but a “CON GAME” played upon a dumbed down brainwashed country……And those who know the TRUTH are in danger…..they will stop at nothing to PROTECT THIS LIE…….So what if most of what we thought & believe about our government was a lie….This is the .CON OF THE CENTURY……..


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