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Being the first to admit I didn’t grow up in a forest,but they say before every EARTHQUAKE, all the animals flee to try to save their own lives…. Well with that being said are we coming to that moment where we FLEE to escape the next step in this Countries evolution into COMMUNISM…..Or maybe more appropriately say “Descent into Hell?” There are many of us that know the days ahead of us will be filled with “Peril, Trouble & Strife…..And know this, the coming EPIC BATTLE, will be nothing but the Next Round of GOOD versus EVIL…..


The Rise & Fall of America parallels the Roman & Greek Empires…..Even though it may be more akin to the “SODOM & GOMORRAH” story….. For we have seemingly “sold our souls” to the devil for what???? That one QUESTION baffles me….To use a “George Carlin” phrase….for more STUFF???? There is a great and massive “neurosis” with in this country……We probably spend more MONEY on education (behavior modification) than any COUNTRY in the WORLD……And so I ask you, where are the spoils, what have we gained & where is it taking us?…..Now that is at best a Paradox……


Other than a FEW select FAMILIES who took control over their Children’s education…..public education is a colossal, abject FAILURE…… People & children are being “Raised & Educated for only ONE REASON or PURPOSE…..SERVITUDE……We have now a world full of “Half-Assed” functioning IDIOTS….They may have a degree but they don’t have any idea how to live…..We took Right & Wrong, Morals, Reason & PRAYER out of schools & replaced them with what???????



This government encourages Homosexual behavior, behavior modifying drugs, narcissism & more, all for the indoctrinated programed Illusion that you have freedom of choice…..and that you’ll have a wonderful dependent addicted life …just believe…..not in GOD…but in GOVERNMENT….Get the picture???


There is one other unholy alliance this government has made, in its Pact with Evil…..The MUSLIMS…..So forget your Christianity……The MUSLIMS are taking this country over…..

We once had Family, we once actually cared, we once had love in our fellow man & now we have none…..We once had REAL Hopes & Dreams….not manufactured or programed one’s…..Our goals were ours, our accomplishments were ours & our FAILURES…well, we learned from them….

I actually wake up in the morning & wonder …..did the ALIENS invade us….I don’t even recognize this COUNTRY anymore….And don’t get me wrong there are MILLIONS of GOOD PEOPLE left in this COUNTRY….Sadly, we are looking for a home…..Because as I look around at “What This Has Become” I can only say IF THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS, WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

The ground is shaking & soon the sirens will wail or cry…..Where will you find the “Shelter From This Storm” …you best prepare….it’s going to get ugly….


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