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Are we going, going gone into the annals of History as one of the “Stupidest, most uninformed cultures in history…..The Communist Dictatorship has risen & FREEDOM (to those who still understood what it was) is D.O.A. IT”S THE END, FIN…..we just don’t know it yet…..Are we not getting to the “Point Of No Return?”….Let use the old Kristofferson line, “When you ain’t got nothing, you ain’t got nothing to lose…..Let me tell you, WHAT WE HAVE LEFT IN THIS COUNTRY is NOTHING….. ‘The Greatest Show On Earth” has closed its doors…..And what’s left is the ASHES of what was “Once A Dream”…

This WEEKEND we were supposed to have the, “AMERICAN SPRING EVENT” in Washington DC….The ‘District Of Corruption” ……And while the EVENT did take place…..It was a non-event…..Let me ask the QUESTION; If this “HAPPENING” attracted the MILLIONS the (the organizers) wished would the MEDIA have IGNORED IT? If there had been any” Violence” of any sort (much to the dismay of the CIA, NSA )would the MEDIA have been SILENT…….The ANSWER is a RESOUNDING NO, NO, NO!!!!!! There would have been echoes of this around this “paltry screwed up world” of ours….


So if I may ask then, WHY THE CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE????? …..I think this COUNTRY is in far more trouble than the people believe….There is a lot of talk that this Authoritarian Monolithic Communist Dictatorship used its Gestapo agencies to threaten, extort, lie & subvert this EVENT or now NON-EVENT…

Was there ONE MENTION of this on The Alphabet News SHOWS? No there was not….Did the Arab Spring get coverage? You know it did….This Fascist Government is in “TOTAL CONTROL” & it’s about time we FIGURED IT OUT……

Think about it, this is an OVERT attempt to control FREE SPEECH and because this Government Controls the Media it’s working…..There is no Freedom of the Press left, there is no real right to Assembly either…’s been manipulated into the back pages of our mind…..Why do you think GAS is $3.50 a gallon????? It ain’t all about the money….it’s to control our movements….And RULE OF LAW is no more…..And to those who say we have elections, I say this….these cockroaches are bought & paid for before they ever set foot in office…



This is not your Mom’s Apple Pie……We have been subverted into Communism via our own STUPITY ….We were too busy with our “Pomp & Circumstance or debt to care…..And that was by DESIGN….We should tear down “30 Rockefeller Center” to the ground…. We should surround Washington DC & Rhetorically speaking. “BURN IT DOWN” …the disease & stench are now “overwhelming”……But I guess because everyone lives in fear of this CORRUPT GOVERNMENT, my guess is we will do NOTHING AT ALL….except Bitch a little & accept it as an inevitability …..and that is JUST WHAT THIS GOVERNMENT wants us to do…..Grind us down to submission….SO say “ BYE BYE AMERICAN PIE”…..because if we do nothing we are history & speaking for myself I’d rather be dead than live a life of servitude …..


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