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At the end of the day everything we do can be summed up in the term “RESULTS!”…..So for me you can argue all you want about whether or not “Barry The Fairy” is inept or just part of a plan or scheme to take us down in flames…..In fact I would argue that it’s perhaps a bit of both…..


I mean the blathering idiot has stated we are better off now than at any time in history…..Doesn’t it depend on the definition of the term, “WE?”….It is if you are a rag headed MUSLIM, part of the ruling elites, part of the ½ of one per cent…..or if you’re from Russia who is now a player again….thanks to a foreign policy that can only be describes as FUBAR or a SNAFU…..


I mean WTH is it about the sublimely insipid sheep of this Delusional Country…..Have we gotten to the point where we need the government NANNY STATE to change our DIAPERS….. This is a FAILED STATE…and it obvious to many & being covered up by the rest…..


We’ve had RED LINE & Not so RED LINES, we sanction MILLIONARES ….(what a pretentious joke) …The Muslim Pansy-assed POS in the White House , lets millions of CHRISTIAN around the world be slaughtered by MUSLIMS & he say’s nothing….We send Terrorist Muslims Home & we get a Muslim trader convert back in return….. Iraq falls to a radical group of Muslim Rag heads & the worthless POS either goes & plays a round of golf, does his boy toy, gives a speech about GLOBAL WARMING or like today he gives a speech at a Lesbo, Transgender , Gay (I’m sure he was giddy because he felt so at home)group……


Well history told us about the exploits Nero, Caligula & other’s …what will it say about Barry the Blunder this country FIRST CLOSET QUEEN & what will it say about what we did to stem the tide…..which was nothing…..It seems fair to me to say we are simply in a” STATE OF DENIAL”!


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