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I saw one of the talking “bobble head Parrots” on TV the other evening describing the Muslim Marxist Faggots Presidency as failed…..Did I hear anyone yell out “BINGO”….Or you Nailed it or what took you so long in ascertaining what some of us see as SELF EVIDENT …..Ask yourself what has this worthless bloviating blowhard done…..that is other than firmly establish this country as a COMMUNIST STATE…. NOTHING WHATSOEVER…..


Jobs & economic recovery….failed…..but spending up…massively…..the divide between the haves & have not…..wider than ever…..our relationships with other countries like China, Israel or Russia is at an all-time low….Race relations have never been worse & if you are a CHRISTIAN your seen by the elites as LEPERS ….Free Speech is all but dead…I mean don’t even dare excoriate the Blithering Idiots & parasites of this Now COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT….They give new meaning to the term “THIN SKINNED!” they essentially don’t allow it….Freedon of the Press …DOA…..they are all either on the take or not out of the closet yet Communists….Do we put check marks by the War On Terrorism ….Hell No! There are more people on Government welfare programs than ever….And the Growth potential grows exponentially with every passing day this moronic Baboon stays in power….


And as far as I can see it, Barry The Fairy’s accomplishments are few and limited…If you are a Muslim your are considered desirable…the same can be said about Homosexuality or being Transgender….you are in the top of his recruiting class….So If you “got it, flaunt it”…..and if you want to get in on the con of the century ….there’s GREEN ENERGY….just donate to the Communist Party , start a phony Business & boom, you’ll become rich & a player….I mean isn’t that something to behold…or be proud of???

NDAA Obama

I for one just wished that all of those who wanted a Communist Government would have just gotten on a boat, plane or train & left us alone….In fact leave now……And as far as those MUSLIM RAGHEADS that want to live under SHARIA LAW …..I have no desire to breathe or share anything whatsoever with you…..Go back to your Excrement Hole….


But if you’re asking me the question, IS THIS A FAILED PRESIDENCY OR A FAILED STATE? It is a FAILED STATE……And until we wake up to the reality that no one, I’ll say it again NO ONE in Washington deserves our TRUST…..PERIOD…..VOTING for the LESSER OF THE EVILS…is no working….and the clock is running out…..prove me wrong….


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