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There are a few of us that remember that remark, however I think it needs updating….AMERICA, WE HAVE A PROBLEM……You know as far as I can ascertain, you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem…. And if you accept that very basic premise then look around you, what do you see??? Personally I see the blind leading the clueless or the thieves stealing from their “MARKS!”…..Does it make you feel any better to think you’ve been played for a fool? Or would you rather just be a dumbed down fool?……I know this may get above those who think they are above this or hide behind a, “End Of The World” serrano…..but understand this….dead is dead is dead…..and just like Lemming’s let’s go find a HIGH CLIFF to jump off of….I ask myself, just how in the H*** did this species of animal we call “HUMAN” survive this long?…..OR DID WE? Maybe this is Purgatory or Hell & we’re just too stupid to realize it….Lord help us….


With every passing day we slip just a little more into Communism, Marxism or Fascism and we pretend or act like it’s no big deal…..And our ball less, gutless parasitical cockroaches make our lives miserable, yet they proclaim at every instance they are God’s Greatest Gift to Mankind …..And I’m not EVEN talking about the Muslim Cleric Fairy with the Messianic Complex……OH & BTW I’ve heard he/she or it has been nominated for “Sociopath Of The Year” & “Banana Republic Imperial Queen” of the year … Oh Well If the Shoe Fits…..

If you take a look at Washington & then take a unbiased look at this country & its problems, how many of the 537 elected via fraud legislators or senators are the answers we are looking for in this country’s leadership & doubtful future …ANSWER :FEW184431_559978624045942_277649286_n, VERY FEW…..

And so it goes…now we have been flooded by “Illegal Immigrants” with the intent to overwhelm the system….provide more Communist Voters …with the intent of creating a new slave class….meanwhile all the old ANGLO’S that created this radical unbalance of the races & working class will just have to be content and DIE….


We have a new MUSLIM CALIPHATE being build right before our eyes & WE DO NOTHING…..We have a Military who aren’t allowed to use the BIBLE any longer….being forced to honor, Muslim Ramadan……We Have a Closet Queen Muslim as the POTUS & we say nothing……and now there is this; ….he want’s a whole month set aside to celebrate MUSLIMS…..the very people who want to exterminate us…..and no one says anything….PARDONEZ MOI….I don’t much care about sleeping with the enemy…..
This is ridiculous, this is stupid, and this is actually like watching AMERICA commit suicide via a combination of its own GOVERNMENT & its own STUPIDITY …..We no longer need to fear Russia, China or IRAN….if you look at our present day leaders…..and look at what they have DONE…the only thing you can ascertain is that we have already been “conquered!”


What will our Epitaph say….we were stupid, we were brainwashed & we were clueless & too busy to see what should have been SELF-EVIDENT……Regardless, HOUSTON, I THINK WE HAVE A PROBLEM! And we have allowed this CANCER to spread without even a question….When you settle for less than you deserve….this pile of excrement (Washington) is what you’ll get….


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