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Well here we are on the 4th, we should be celebrating this great country and the freedom we all share…..and what do we have, where are we now & where are we going , if anywhere?

I’ve had conversations with many of you as of late & many of you have expressed doubt as to whether or not this will be our LAST, 4th of July! And for me it’s getting hard to push back on that notion…..There seems to be a “Reckoning” or a anticipation in the air of total uncertainty ….And all I see from this now “Derelict Communist Dictatorship “is total contempt & distain for the people of this country….I think it was Lincoln that said,” a house divided falls”……


In growing numbers people have lost faith in this Government….I n growing numbers people are beginning to understand that the POTUS is a 100% fraud….In growing numbers people have lost faith in our future, or at least a good one….And in growing number people are beginning to question the meaning & quality of this life….

Time and time again we are being told we are not a CHRISTIAN COUNTRY….And at every turn Islam is being pushed upon us….Have you asked yourself why?…. This paranoid government is assaulting our freedoms (what little is left of them) like a Ruthless Third World Dictatorship…Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, the Freedom of Assembly….going, going…gone…and all we have done about it ….in effect; nothing whatsoever…..


We have more Oil & Natural Gas on this continental shelf than all the ARABS do…..The Arabs are at least to some of us ,”Our Enemy” & while we could be TOTALLY divested & free of their influence…we give them our money , when we should be keeping it here at home….I guess it makes too much sense ….However if you are a con & into the “Green Energy” scam….buddy they can’t wait to throw money at you…

We now have more people on “entitlements” in many places than are working…..We have addictions of every sort on the rise; we have behavior modification being taught in our schools rather than REASON or LOGIC of any sort….and Narcissism is the new in…..Family values…DOA…..there is no family anymore ….just a self-serving government Parasite that will tell you all of the WHATS, WHENS & WHERES….

I think if you follow the money trail you would find all of the illegals coming into this country are being brought here by some faction of this Government ….This is all about making the Communist party,the permanent ruling party & the Spanish a permanent SLAVE CLASS….OBAMACARE will kill off the rest of us one person at a time….Basically this is a NAZI déjà vu ….

Every day I hear about this Government trying to bait us into an armed REVOLUTION….with the intent or end game of ‘Martial Law”…..I hear about FEMA, re-education camps that they will use to incarcerate us ….We hear about HOMELAND SECURITY buying up MILLIONS of rounds of AMMO…..We hear that the MILITARY has been purged to such an extent that they WILL FIRE upon AMERICANS… And we all hear about the New World Order….that all the MARXISTS in the world want as a WORLD GOVERNMENT…..

But this is what bothers me….it cuts to the Heart Of The Matter….Amongst all of this Doubt & Uncertainty about these issues, be they true or not…..There has not been a Politician, republican or communist party much less the Parrot Fairy Muslim POTUS walking out to any podium where the lights & cameras are flashing & dispel these rumors or innuendos…..They could at least try to calm our fears but they do nothing…’s telling in its own way ….This Government rules by Fear & Intimidation….LOVE DOES NOT EXIST …..It’s all about the power & control they have over us…. THESE ARE THE THOUGHTS I PONDER…. that is before it’s illegal



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