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I realize I am not “Politically Correct” & I therefore tell it like I see it…..If I say something insulting or disparaging about this Government or its corrupt parasitical leaders it’s because I meant to….Respect is earned & not given just because….

IMO we walk not in the “Land of the Free” but a “La La land….Zombies….the stupid or is it the ‘Deaf, Dumb & Blind…..I guess the only freedom we have left is a limited “Freedom of Choice”….that is the choice to be stupid & uninformed…or shall we call it the ,Freedom to be Equally Miserable…..well they (this Dictatorship) has effectively pulled that off….


Thank about it , the Communists or The New World Order, people have effectively pulled of a “Coup d’état,” without one single shot being fired…..All they needed to do is indoctrinate & brainwash people over time….And with the help of SCHOOLS & the MEDIA….they pulled out victory from a dumb, stupid unsuspecting people….


We were once a proud land, now tell me….what are we now?……This maybe the dumbest, most addicted, most narcissistic culture or generation in the history of mankind …..We spend more money on Education than any country in the world…..and we need this thing we call “Common Core” to make sure they stay that away….


Simply put, if you are a self-motivated freethinker in today’s society…you are treated like a LEPER.. If you speak your mind you are considered dangerous…If you call yourself a CHRISTIAN ….and call it like it is & can think on the fly…..You just jumped a category ….you are now a bonafide Terrorist ……If you think the Global Warming thing is a scam or a con….you are an idiot in denial of what the delusional idiots call a Certain Reality…. It all comes down to Lawyers, Guns & Money…..this corrupt communist government has all of that….the people not so much… they wait us out…..


The New World Order, idiots….want open borders…..we have a Muslim Fairy who doesn’t & has no intention of enforcing our laws….. Ask yourself why….Do you think it could possibly be about VOTES for the Communist Party in power? Could it also be about creating a NEW WORKING (SLAVE CLASS of people? I do……Is it about being a humanitarian & helping war torn hungry people…..IMO only the STUPID believe that….

Ask yourself this….WHY US……WHY AMERICA??? Can we flee this deeply divided country & go to MEXICO, SPAIN, FRANCE, ENGLAND, RUSSIA or CHINA & ask for Political Asylum, get free Heath Care, Get Food Stamps & government assisted Housing for FREE…..that is at others expense’s??? If you have a working brain cell left in your head, you know the answer to that is NO, NOT ANYWHERE….. SERIOUSLY NOW THIS ISNT DISNEYLAND ….so what do you think is going on here?….You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows……


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