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Readily admitting I’ve been around the block, I keep wondering how it could be possible that these blathering idiots in WASHINGTON still have any control of our lives ……Let’s use an old line like, “What Have You Done For Me Lately as an example…….And if you need to visualize it lets weigh it as THE GOOD & THE BAD & THE UGLY……..

Let’s start with the good deeds, the helpful life enriching deeds these, “Tellers Of Truth “or” Bastian’s Of Honesty” do for us daily…….CRAP, there isn’t any…..That is unless you are a MUSLIM COCKROACH, DRUG ADDICT, ILLEGAL ALIEN , WELFARE RECIPIENT,HOMOSEXUAL, TRANSSEXUAL or coming soon PEDOPHILE…….Oh, but if you are a hardworking “American Citizen “ who pays taxes, is a Christian & believes in good old fashioned morals or values ….. Forget it…..


On the other end of the scale let’s put just a few of the NEGETIVES……Unemployment is at record highs , there are more people on welfare than at any time in history….And yes while we may live longer lives (for now) our QUALITY of life has fallen dismally…..This government uses fear & intimidation to curtail all of our freedoms…Freedom of Speech….DOA……Freedom of the Press…..DOA (has been for decades) …..Are we Free to move around the country…..Yes, if you have money…..Everything that we need to live or survive is outrageously expensive because of fuel prices…..Alas & what does ,”Barry The Fairy Muslim” do…..Kills coal power & refuses to sign the KEYSTONE PIPELINE deal to push the GREEN ENERGY scam……Meanwhile back at the ranch all the Muslims keep counting the “do re me” & laughing at our infinite stupidity all the way to the bank…..



By and large people think Politicians are habitual liars…..but they keep electing them again, again & again……We talk a lot and do NOTHING…..We don’t demand the truth & we’ve come to expect the corruption that we see, feel & hear every day…..

Come on now we have lowered the bar so much that based on deeds & actions we might as well be voting on Graduating Members from a PRISON Camp…..And as far as the POS that some call a POTUS (Terrorist IMO) he might as well have come from “GITMO”……He is not one scintilla better…..


But the reality is thus, this government uses the IRS, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI & Homeland Security to “TARGET” political opponents & critics….. This Government has become a laughable parody of itself….but it ain’t funny….The Muslims don’t fear us (why should they with one of their own in the WH) and Russia as well as China know we have a weak sister coward homosexual Muslim as our POTUS……We are being flooded at our borders by Illegals with the clear intent to Overwhelm the System….And like it or not this will firmly establish us as a “Welfare State” ….say hello to Socialism…..that is what this is all about…..


But if you turn on the PROPAGANDA BOX, you’d think this is UTOPIA & we have found the next MESSIAH…. PARDONEZ MOI…I don’t DRINK, SMOKE ANYTHING or take any MEDICATION….(I know some of you would question that) but come on ……It is absurd to think that anyone with any Presence of Mind, that isn’t wearing DIAPERS could discern, discriminate & deduce the TRUTH more readily than that…..cowabonga , apparently STUPID is a DEATH SENTENCE….Because if you buy into all this malarkey , you must be either on of the Walking Dead or you have a George Soros….ANAL-PROBE stuck up your______and all you are is a controlled Rhesus Monkey…



If you really think all of what you see, feel & hear around you is the Utopian World The Liberals are touting, you must be living in LA LA LAND….. or a PARALLEL UNIVERSE…… for I see it as Purgatory or Hell…and if we don’t stop it no one else will…..and then we will be just as bad as the useless Parasites we call Politician’s…….


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