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Pardon my sarcasm but, do you really think that ISIS gave even a scintilla of a thought to the fact the ,”Bloviating Bastard Barry the Gay Muslim is on the job now ….Thank again….conversely, will the thousands of CHRISTIAN on the mountain in IRAQ feel safer now? HARDLY…… Does PUTIN give a “rats ass” about more sanctions?…..give me a break…. Not even…..Do you think that IRAN is worried about continued negotiations over their capacity to build. “The bomb” …..AGAIN , not even…..


This is all a put up deal. It’s staged for Public Consumption…..written by script writers & stage crafted for the full EFFECT…….This is nothing but a “DOG & PONY SHOW”….But if you listened to the media (Propaganda Factories) you’d think that poor Barry The Bastard From Kenya was up all night in his PRAYER RUG, talking to Allah ……How about SATIN that’s more likely….Why I heard tale that he took a few moment from his Getaway on “Martha’s Vineyard” & his BOY TOY to fret, sweat, hedge his bets & look & admire himself in the mirror…..


I mean really, does it get any better than this? According to the Chris Matthews, “I love Barry Boy. Poll we should think our lucky stars that there was a star rising in the heavens decades ago when we were blessed with the AFTERBIRTH on two legs…..Born at birth to be a Communist Tyrant the likes the world hasn’t seen since CASTRO…..we have the MUSLIM MOSES……the man-child with a Messianic Complex….or is other words….he’s ate up with him or herself….


So in respect I must say this….if you listened to the Delusional Parasitical Corrupt Media you could only deduce or ascertain the following thought…..IF you think AMERICAS best days are behind us & that we are on the wrong track… lemmings running off a cliff…thank again…..the Liberal Mantra is thus; HAVE NO FEAR “MIGHTY MOUTH” IS HERE!…..What could possibly go wrong here….could we slip into a Socialist type Dictatorship? Could we become what RUSSIA was in the 70’s? Could we be so corrupt that our government would sell us out….totally….And will we be blinded by the lies & deceit and not see the truth……heavens forbid….it couldn’t ever happen in AMERICA…the land of the Not-so-free anymore…..not with Barry The Fairy (Mighty Mouth) on the trail…..Hell, I’m surprised they don’t play the “William Tell Overture” at all the Gay Muslim’s press SPEECHES…..I digress…


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