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From the bombastic bloviating blowhard Muslim Dictator all we get are Empty Words & Empty Promises with no direction…..He is a Weak, Tepid, Narcissistic Sociopath who specializes in Hate, FEAR MONGERING & DIVISIVE Banter severed up as if he/she or it were some type of Oracle or Soothsayer with a directive from where?….it ain’t heaven !!!

This piece of Excrement is nothing more than a SCARED LITTLE MAN who is nothing short of a fraud trying to fool the world he can BLABBER his way through the Presidency….rather Dictatorship…..And on one level this POS sees himself as a MUSLIM MESSIAH…I guess …..On the other side there is the HATE that festered inside this soulless Disciple of Evil to the point that I believe he wishes to destroy this country….Just look at his family, I rest my case…..


Does this Narcissistic Jerk really believe he can issue an edict; a proclamation or his vision & the whole wide world will Quake, Shake & Bake? Now come on , in every country this sorry excuse for a bag of bones is a JOKE, A FOOL or AN IDIOT……They think the people in this country have lost their ever-loving mind…..I believe they are correct….We elected this fool not once but twice….Some say we will recover from this….I am not so sure……The OVERT STUPIDITY that it took to elect this Unprepared Fraud as Dictator is like a plague across this land…..People no longer think….they do what they are told by the Ministry Of Propaganda or their Parasite leaders in Government….

This Government is more afraid of People like you & me, who can still think, aren’t dependent & can fend for themselves…..Crap the FBI doesn’t even look at Potential Muslim Terrorist’s…..I will remind everyone again that PUTIN & RUSSIA warned this Government MANY times about the TWO MUSLIM BOYS who we know as the Boston Bombers…THEY DID NOTHING…..



This Government thrives on FEAR, they instigate all of the fear we go throw daily…..That is how they CONTROL us……It’s what many call “Behavior Modification”…..And sadly it worked….How many of you fear another 9-11 type MUSLIM attacks ? …. How many of you are afraid this Government will take away all our guns?….How many of you believe this government has plans for Interment Camps?… How many of you are afraid of China, Russia or Iran?…. FEAR< FEAR< FEAR….This Government could PUT ALL OUR FEARS to rest with the unabashed TRUTH…..But they will never do that….EVER ……It’s all about fear….

Ask yourself this: there may not be a need for a BIG EVENT if they’ve already altered our behavior….But then again This is all an Illusion to the Scripted Dog & Pony show we see every day…..We don’t really need to fear the Russians, the Chinese or MUSLIMS in General…..We have already been Conquered by the Enemy Within….This is now a subtle Communist state with a MUSLIM LEADER ….And sadly those who don’t get it will be killed right along with the rest of us….when we are no longer needed as slaves to the RULING CLASS ELITES……… SLEEP WELL ……Just remember who’s sitting on the throne & who he is serving…


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