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Remember the America that was; land of the free, home of the brave? I do , it’s seem like a distant cloud on a Galaxy Far, Far away……And if you remember that do you even recognize today’s America? This one has become the Land of the Living Dead, the brainwashed, the clueless, the manipulated , cowardly & enslaved to the newly formed, but constantly evolving Communist Dictatorship….Oh yea, where are the “Good Old Days?


We are quickly approaching the Mid-Term Staged, phony, semi-rigged ELECTIONS…..And what is it that we hear, see & smell our Corrupt Millionaire Elitist Elected Leaders Doing???? NOTHING FOR THE BENEFIT OF EVERYDAY AMERICANS……The Muslim that resides a 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…Has created a FAUX WAR….with ISIS this world’s Newest threat to ALL OF MANKIND….mush less this country…..PARDONEZ MOI, while there is MOST CERTAINLY a clear Threat by these Raghead Muslims….This country is going down the tubes because of THIS GOVERNMENTS Leadership or lack thereof….


As far as I can ascertain the Communist party AKA democrat party will do ANYTHING to stay in power… Lie, steal, bribe, extort and murder…. When will the republicans figure that out and fight fire with fire? Well if you take a look around & try to objectively ascertain what the… going on here, its baffling or is it?

Here are some prevailing thoughts I’ve had…..Is the Republican Strategy to win this; Just let the communists lose & we will win by default….That away The Cowardly Republicans don’t have to make a stand, they don’t have to state their beliefs (if they have any) & they don’t go forward with any Plan or Strategy for AMERICA, much less Winning…. Another thought is Maybe they DON’T WANT TO WIN…..It’s so much easier if to don’t have to govern….And guess what, they can steal lie & cheat just like the other party….just be a do-nothing congressman….Hell isn’t that what we already have…And I have one more thought that keeps ringing in my head….WHAT IF THEY ARE PAID TO LOSE????

And You know sadly, “WHEN YOU PLAY THE GAME TO LOSE, YOU LOSE”……We have come to accept “mediocrity” as well as “corruption” as the norm ….And when you look around the room for LEADERSHIP it’s nonexistent …..It’s all about the MONEY…..we are paying through the nose for something that ether doesn’t exist anymore or it’s now become a myth….

For whatever its worth, the Republicans are wasting an opportunity to spell out the differences between them & the Communist Regime in power….But alas, it seems that maybe other than a few individuals the difference between the TWO ARMS of the Government Crime Family are SLIGHT…or they would step up and be counted….


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