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This country has a TWO-PARTY Political System …..It has become so confusing, abusing & illusionary that it’s beyond the pale of reality…..The truth is, no wait FACT’S are so distorted they are unrecognizable….I mean don’t let the TRUTH get in the way of a good lie or a Propaganda piece…

We now have what is basically the” Communist Party” (Democrats) & The Republicans….Todays GOP is more or less IMO a 1960’s version of the DEMOCRAT PARTY….And having said that there are a FEW in the GOP that remain Conservatives….but ONLY A FEW….And being from Texas as I am, we had an “Old School Politician” named Jim Hightower …and as an anecdote, he was asked once about starting a Third Political Party…..His Answer: I only wish we had TWO…..And alas here we are 60 years later & it’s more true than ever….And for this country that is not a good thing….

When did we stop asking questions? When did we stop DEMANDING answers or accountability? Why do we accept “mediocrity” as the norm, rather than “Excellence?” When did we STOP asking for a variety of divergence of ‘Opinions?” When we did that, the DECLINE of this Nation…America…this Culture or Society as a whole, “accelerated…..If this was an episode of STAR TREK, Spock would say we are at WARP SPEED…..And you can believe it too….

Ask yourself this what do these Political Parties REALLY believe in….if anything….The Common thread here is POWER…..CONTROL……or MONEY!!!! The common ailment is CORRUPTION …..Liars, leeches, losers & boozers….. Kind of sad isn’t it????….

But off the top of my head I thought of a few items I thought worth mentioning….The Communists want to control your every thought , every word you speak, what you breathe & when you breathe it, what you eat & when you eat it….And soon I’m sure regulating how many times you Flush the toilet as well as WHEN you can go to the toilet….I’m sure there a GAS TAX in there too…And as well they divide us on every issue….Gay issues, Transgender issues, racism, religion, green-houses gases, Faux Wars, and aiding & abetting our Enemies …..I’ve even heard some of Pathetically STUPID Liberals say this is Becoming a SHARIA LAW compliant country….And even a FEW say that WOMEN are treated better in Pakistan & Afghanistan than they are in this COUNTRY ….What are these IDIOTS smoking….I can just see Pelosi, Boxer, Waters & Debbie Wateronthebrain Shultz wearing a BURKA….Do they come with GAGS


And for the Republicans….what is their answer for all of this?…. What do they believe in?.. What is their vision for this counties future? ….Or do they EVEN REALLY CARE? Other than a few, that is…They have become COWARDS….They seem to think the inertia of all this will bring them back into power….REALLY! REAL SOLUTIONS …few & far between…. Telling the truth….not even….Blaming …that’s the new Washington Board Game….on sale at Macy’s for Christmas…Crap I mentioned Christians…PARDON…


Well as I look into Future, “ALL I SEE IS CHAOS”….and IMO because of the Insipidly STUPID Sheep of this culture…I don’t see it getting better anytime soon….Like Lemming running off a Cliff we jump….for all of the wrong reasons ….HATE & FEAR being the Biggies….I see a HUGH Leadership Vacuum…and FEW want to take up the mantra….It really sad to watch something once GREAT…DIE ON THE VINE…UNLESS WE WAKE UP SOON…


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