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“AND NOW FOR THE FINAL ACT” (Or What’s the Last Move On The Board)


One needs to ask questions, I believe it’s healthy….One also needs to look ahead into the future to correct course …But if you do neither what do you have?…..Chaos ……and UNCERTAINITY ….and maybe DEATH…..

We are watching the slow death of a NATION….AMERICA….And we are seemingly so intimidated by the Vultures that run & ruined this country we are AFRAID to do anything about it… The Ruling Class of this world has been trying to CONTROL this world since the beginning of time…..and we dropped our guard and got complaisant …..And the RULING CLASS knew we would….


And while I’m not trying to bring in the Biblical innuendos about the end of time….It (Revelations) surly has a concurrent or parallel theme to what is happening in this country….I wish I was wrong…


You know Slavery was abolished, yet we are slaves to the BIG GOVERNMENT TEAT & DEBT…..We are also slaves to our FEARS….That is the Game this Government does well ….It’s all done by deception ….By Stage-Craft….They war game us on every level….The REALITY IS , we are the ENEMY…..Accept it….We are only a means to and END;…..THEIR MASTERY OF THIS WORLD & the DEMISE OF AMERICA….

Think about it what has this government done for you that ACTUALLY WORKS? OK there is the WAR ON POVERTY; total FAILURE….other than making SHARPTON & JACKSON Millionaires & also giving us The MUSLIN OBAMA & ERIC HOLDER….Face it we have Thieving Millionaires telling us how to live our lives, meanwhile they laugh all the way to the bank….


We have FAUX WARS & Rumors OF Wars….to what end? Just an excuse to transfer power & wealth to the RICH & POWERFUL….Changing not one damn thing….We have Famine, Disease & Pestilese to what end….to sell fear…that’s easily done by the 24/7 Government CIA run Propaganda Networks….We need to remember that these things they do are nothing but Hollywood Scripts ….pushing for their final goal ….CONTROL over us…..FEAR RULES…..…..

FDR once said something to the effect that, “Nothing in Politics happens by accident…..There is truly a modus operandi here but the pathetically stupid will never understand it….it’s been breed out of existence….This is nothing but a game of Monopoly, for the ruling class….


“AND NOW FOOR THE FINAL ACT” (Or What’s the Last Move On The Board)…..what will be the epitaph or will anyone even bother….we seem to be hated by not only others, but clearly ourselves too…And that is what LIBERILISM has done for us….SUICIDE via STUPIDITY…


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